How to add workers, pools, exchanges, and customize your dashboard.

What is dashboard and where to find it?

The dashboard is the entry point to the remote management and monitoring of your workers. Read more →

What is a dashboard tour?

A dashboard tour is a set of quick tutorials that will lead you through the most important pages on your minerstat dashboard. Read more →

How can I activate 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication allows you to secure your user account and access it faster. Read more →

What is 'Login to dashboard' in the mobile app?

"Login to dashboard" is a new QR code login system. Read more →

How can I set up and configure my workers?

You can add workers in three steps. Read more →

How can I set up Telegram alerts?

You can turn on Telegram alerts by simply following the button to Telegram chatbot from here. Read more →

How can I set up mobile alerts?

To establish connection between your mobile device and minerstat dashboard follow these steps: Activate your 2FA; Install the... Read more →

How much time before I get notified?

For some events, you can set up different notifications times while others are checked every minute. Read more →

How can I monitor pools, exchanges, or wallets?

Under the "Balance monitoring" you have two tabs: Pools and Wallets. Read more →

How can I set up configurations for my mining rigs?

Under "Mining" you will find Worker config option. Read more →

Overclocking GPU

You can overclock and undervolt your GPUs with a ClockTune tool. Read more →

Can I configure each GPU separately?

1. Read more →

Differences in overclocking on Linux and Windows

Please note that the same overclocking settings on Windows and Linux won't always give the same results. Read more →

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is one of the most recognized and used tools for GPU overclocking. Read more →

Hot and very hot temperature values

There are two different temperature values that are always monitored: A temperature higher than 75°C or 167°F is... Read more →

How to create public profile?

If you want to show your profile publicly, we have created an easy option that is available in your Settings. Read more →

Can I adjust values shown on public profile?

Yes, you can set an "Earnings deduction percent" in your settings, right below the public profile link. Read more →

How is efficiency calculated?

Efficiency is the ratio between accepted and rejected shares. Read more →

What does undetected hardware mean?

If your hardware is undetected it means that your mining rig didn't manage to send out data to minerstat server about your... Read more →

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