Learn more about your minerstat dashboard and how to use it with your mining rigs and ASICs.

What is dashboard and where to find it?

The dashboard is the entry point to the remote management and monitoring of your workers. You can access it from my. Read more →

How can I set up my workers?

First, add your worker to the dashboard by following these steps. Open the list of your workers. Read more →


Workers list is one of the main pages to use when monitoring and managing your mining operations. The workers list shows the workers configured on your account, be it rigs or ASICs, provides some hardware statistics for them, as well as some extra har... Read more →


The worker's profile, also known as the worker's details or info page is the hub for all the things related to managing a specific worker. It includes several sections with hardware and software data including statistics in graph form, earning... Read more →

What is discovery tool?

Discovery tool is a new minerstat tool that is available on the workers' list page and will help you discover your msOS rigs in the local network with unchanged config.js file or minerstat applications installed on your Windows rigs. Read more →

How to rename worker?

You can change your worker's name directly from your workers' list by clicking on the edit (pencil) icon. msOS mining OS - Worker is online If your worker is online and syncing with the minerstat dashboard, you can just rename it on ... Read more →

Worker status states

There are different states in which your worker can be in regard to mining and responsiveness. Online: Worker is online when the minerstat software and mining client are running and the hashrate is larger than 0 H/s (worker is mining). Read more →

Missing GPUs and GPUs count difference

If you are getting "Missing GPUs" or "GPUs count different" notification in the workers' list, this means that there is a difference between what number of GPUs you entered to your worker's config and how many GPUs get dete... Read more →

How to export workers?

You can export workers from minerstat dashboard with few simple clicks. Navigate to workers' list Click on selection boxes of the workers you want to export Click on button for bulk action Click on Export A special . Read more →

How to duplicate worker?

You can duplicate a worker on your minerstat dashboard with a few simple clicks. Navigate to workers' list Click on selection box of the worker that you want to duplicate (you must select only one worker) Click on the button for bulk act... Read more →

What are alerts/latest activity that can be found on the worker's profile?

There is a notification/alert icon on the worker's profile with the title latest activity. As the name suggests, clicking on this icon will open the latest activity of the worker. Read more →

What is diagnostic audit?

A diagnostic audit report is a quick system check that you can perform on your msOS or Windows rigs. Besides general overview, there will also be suggestions on problematic sections. Read more →

What is system specs button?

System specs button is a button that show you more system-related data. It is available on the worker's profile in the same tile as local and remote IPs, uptime, and last sync. Read more →

Which GPU info is available?

You can monitor different information about your worker and its GPUs through the minerstat dashboard. The data that is available for display depends on wether you are using Linux based crypto mining OS or you are mining with Windows mining software an... Read more →

What to do if my worker gets deleted?

All inactive workers on Limited accounts get deleted after 6 days of inactivity. The action is made by the system and is irreversible. Read more →

How to find my worker's IP address?

The worker's IP address might be needed in several cases: to connect to the worker remotely, to connect to the worker in local-area network via SSH, to use remote console, to authorize on an anonymous pool, etc. IPv4 addresses Remote IPv4 ad... Read more →

Address editor

You can think of the address editor in terms of list of contacts or a phone or address book, it includes 2 sections - one for wallets (and usernames for pools that require username passed instead of wallet address) and one for pools. You fill the entr... Read more →

Worker config

Under "Management" you will find Worker config option. This option will allow you to set up a custom configuration for either one of your workers or multiple selected workers and/or selected group/s. Read more →

Config templates

Config template is a tool which you can use to store configuration presets, each consisting of the following elements: A name to identify your template A selected mining client Options for the selected mining client, with both simple and advanced mode... Read more →

How to change config on multiple workers in a single command?

When managing multiple workers, it is often useful to change several options on multiple workers at once. In this article we'll explore how to do it in 2 methods: Using the miner config templates and applying the template via bulk actions in... Read more →

Can I configure each GPU separately?

You can configure each GPU separately if mining client allows this (for different settings) and you can assign different overclocking values to each GPU separately. Note We don't support GPU mining with two different mining clients at the same ... Read more →

Hot and very hot temperature values

There are two different temperature values that are monitored and set as default as: A temperature higher than 75°C or 167°F is considered hot. A temperature higher than 89°C or 192°F is considered very hot. Read more →

How to set up correct electricity costs reporting on the dashboard?

To provide more accuracy to estimated earnings, you can configure minerstat to account for electricity costs in it's estimations, in this article we'll set up proper reporting of electricity costs, explore the option to add offset to it and sh... Read more →

How to set up fan speed?

Fan speeds on minerstat can be set through the ClockTune tool, which allows setting up auto fans on msOS or static fans on msOS and Windows. ClockTune There are two ways you can edit the ClockTune setting of a worker. Read more →

Alerts overview

There are several alerts available on minerstat that can help you get notified about important events. GPU temperature GPU temperature alert is checked every minute and notifies you once the temperature of any GPU reaches a certain level that is... Read more →

How can I set up Telegram app alerts?

K2RIYHKQ550 You can turn on Telegram app alerts by simply following the button to Telegram chatbot from here. After that, click Start on Telegram bot and activate Telegram alerts for the events you want to monitor. Read more →

How can I set up mobile alerts?

K2RIYHKQ550 Note Please note that mobile alerts are temporarily unavailable. To establish connection between your mobile device and minerstat dashboard follow these steps: Activate 2FA on your web dashboard. Read more →

Triggers overview

There are several triggers available on minerstat that can help you solve the different situations and improve your rig's overall performance. Each trigger can be applied either to all workers or to certain groups of workers. Read more →

How to pause alerts or triggers?

There are cases where you want to pause alerts or triggers for your worker or workers for short period or permanently. Here are just few example of such cases: When you are doing maintenance; When you are doing overclocking; When you are tes... Read more →


Scheduler is one of the utilities accessible to the Tier Plan users on minerstat. The scheduler allows you to create a schedule, following which one (or multiple) workers you're using will be switched to a config designed in scheduler, including a... Read more →


Tasks is one of the utilities accessible to the Tier Plan users on minerstat. The Tasks functionality allows you to assign various tasks with specific due date, including a choice for assignee, priority, and target, be it worker, group, or global with... Read more →

24h logs

Found in the Analytics section of the minerstat dashboard is the Last 24h logs page. The page contains all the latest events which happened to the workers during the last 24 hours with timestamps, worker name with which the event occurred, addition... Read more →

What are stability issues?

Stability issues in your workers' summary are a sum of three different issues. Worker is marked with stability issues based on yesterday's performance. Read more →

Team management

One of the features of minerstat tier plan is team management. This allows you to add members, which can have specific roles in your mining operation, from partner to guest. Read more →

What are permissions for different roles?

There are six different kinds of permissions and roles available: Admin: There is only one admin account - the user that created minerstat account. Account owner has access to all parts of the minerstat dashboard and account. Read more →

What is the difference between team members and customers?

When you add a new team member you give them the permissions to access different parts of your account. When you add a new customer you also add them a certain amount of workers they can manage (or you can manage for them). Read more →

Customers management

One of the features of minerstat tier plan is customers management. This allows you to separate workers from one account into multiple accounts, which are unable to control or see each other, while you still have access to all the workers from the mai... Read more →

How to move workers from the main account to the customer's account?

If you decide that you want to organize your workers by customers instead of having them all in your main account, there is a very easy way to move all workers from main account to the customer's account. Notice It is important to note that if ... Read more →

Do you offer an API?

We do offer an API for developers. Extensive documentation is available on separate API page. Read more →

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