What is dashboard and where to find it?

The dashboard is the entry point to the remote management and monitoring of your workers/rigs. You can access it at my.minerstat.com.

You can learn more about minerstat dashboard features here.

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How can I activate 2FA?

You can activate 2FA by following the steps explained here. For faster login, you can connect your web dashboard with mobile app and login with a simple scanning of the QR code.

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What is "Login to dashboard" in the mobile app?

"Login to dashboard" is new QR-code login system. To activate it, you will need to first activate 2FA and install our mobile app. After that, you will be able to activate it on your mobile phone and use it to log in to the dashboard with one simple QR scan.

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How can I set up and configure my workers?

You can add workers in three easy steps.

  1. Open the list of your workers
  2. Click on the button "Add new worker"
  3. Enter all necessary information about your worker and confirm the entry by clicking "Add worker"

Plase note that worker's name is limited to 15 characters and can only contain alphanumeric characters. When you are adding ASIC, we will automatically set default username and password. If you change default username and password and don't configure your ASIC settings as well, we might not be able to detect the hardware.

After you have added your workers, you will be able to add a custom mining configuration for them by following the links in "Mining" section.

  1. Address editor: Address editor is a directory of your pools and wallets that need to be determined in mining software. Each address and wallet is determined with its own tag and you can add unlimited amount of tags. If you decide to change the pool, you can only change the value of the tag and keep your mining configuration using the same tag as before.
  2. ClockTune: ClockTune is our overclocking system in which you can set up different overclocking profiles that can be assigned to workers or algorithms. In this advanced feature, you will be able to set power limit, VDDC, core clock, memory clock, and fan speed.
  3. Worker config: Config allows you to set up a custom configuration of your clients. You can select individual workers or groups and update only the sections you want to update. In this part of the dashboard, you are able to change workers' groups, default mining client, enable or disable CPU mining, edit the configuration of each mining client separately, and apply any of defined overclocking profiles.
  4. Profit switch: Define coins between which you want to switch, along with pools on which you want to mine, their fees, and wallets to which you want to mine. For each algorithm, you need to define hashrate, and can optionally add power consumption and overclock profile.

Please note that you can make bulk edits and edit the larger amount of workers at once.

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How can I set up Telegram alerts?

You can turn on Telegram alerts by simply following the button to Telegram chatbot here. Don't forget to click Start on Telegram bot and to activate Telegram alert for the events you want.

Another option is to open chat with our Telegram chatbot and type /auth ACCESS-KEY to make connection between your Telegram profile and minerstat dashboard.

Additionally, you are able to control your mining rigs with different Telegram actions:

  • /restart WORKER-NAME to restart mining client on your worker
  • /reboot WORKER-NAME to reboot your mining rig
  • /shutdown WORKER-NAME to shut down your mining rig

To see all available actions at once, type /help.

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How can I set up mobile alerts?

First, you will need to activate your 2FA. After that, install the minerstat app on your mobile device. Once everything is ready, you can set up mobile alerts here.

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How much time before I get notified?

You can set up custom time for notifications - from 4 minutes to up to 15 minutes. GPUs temperature, efficiency, and hashrate drops are checked once a minute.

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Is it possible to remotely reboot/restart a rig?

Yes, you can do that on your list of workers or at each worker's profile. minerstat also allows you to do bulk restarts and reboots for multiple workers/rigs at once.

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How can I set my pools, exchanges, and wallets for monitoring income?

Under "Balance monitoring" you have two options: Wallets and Pools.

In wallets section, you can add different blockchain addresses for different coins and (read-only) access to the addresses at your exchanges.

In pools section, you can add your pool (if they support API calls).

After addresses are added, we will monitor your balance (every 20 minutes for wallets and every 30 minutes for pools) and you will be able to see detailed statistics in your balance statistics section.

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How can I set up configurations for my mining rigs?

Under "Mining" you will find Worker config option. This option will allow you to set up a custom configuration for either one of your workers or multiple workers and/or selected group/s. You will be able to select default miner, enable CPU mining and setup configurations for specific mining software.

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Can I configure only some workers or groups?

Yes, you can configure only selected workers and/or selected groups.

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Can I configure only some miners?

Yes, you can check which settings you want to configure and which miners you want to update. Unchecked configurations will stay the same as before.

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Can I overclock my GPUs?

Yes. Overclocking is available in our ClockTune tool you can find here. You can save your favorite overclocking profiles and then apply them to your workers through "Worker config" section or to your algorithms in "Profit switch" section.

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Why is data about CPU and IP on my worker's detailed page disabled and grayed out?

Data about CPU and IP is only available when using msOS mining OS. It won't show when using Windows client.

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Which value of temperature is considered hot and which very hot?

Temperature higher than 75°C or 167°F is considered hot.
Temperature higher than 89°C or 192°F is considered very hot.

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What to do if the dashboard is showing a different coin?

If the coin displayed on the dashboard is not the one that you configured but everything else is working as expected (node is syncing and you see all the stats from your worker), minerstat probably didn't recognize the pool that you are mining at.

Send us a message with your access key, pool URL, and port# on Slack or through email. We will use the information to add the pool to our database.

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How to create public profile?

If you want to show your profile publicly, we have created an easy option that is available in your Settings. By clicking a button "Make public", we will generate you a unique URL at which you can access your public profile. For more safety, the unique identifier in URL isn't connected to your access key. If you don't want your profile to be public anymore, you can just click on the button "Disable" and you are back to private mode. If you wish to change the unique identifier in URL, you can click "Disable" and again "Make public" and we will assign you a brand new identifier. Those that were accessing your public profile through old URL won't know the new URL.

Before you set up your public profile, we recommend you to active your 2FA.

Hint: If you are managing clients' or investor's mining rigs, you can create different customer profiles and save their workers there. If you don't want to give them the access to the dashboard or if they only want quickly check their status, you can make their profiles public and they can access it at any time from anywhere without having to log in to the dashboard.

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Can I adjust values shown on public profile and deduct them by a manager's fee?

Yes. You can set an "Earnings deduction percent" in your settings, right below the public profile link. Please note that this will affect only public profiles (and not the values shown on the dashboard) and that only the earnings will be deducted by a fee while hashrate will be shown as is. An example: setting of 10% will show 9 USD instead of 10 USD of earnings.

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My worker is offline and the dashboard hasn't detected it. What can I do?

An offline worker without a connection can occur for several different reasons.

If you see the screen telling you to make sure the worker is using the correct access key, it is probably because the worker wasn't detected in our system yet.

  • If you are using msOS: Make sure that the config file (config.js) includes access key and worker name. Also, make sure that the access key and worker name are each in their own line (having them listed in one line won't work).
  • If you are using Windows node: Make sure that you have typed correct access key and worker name. Don't forget to press Start mining.

The access key is case sensitive. If your worker still hasn't connected, join us on Discord and we will help you out.

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My worker is detected on the dashboard, but it doesn't seem to work (not hashing). What can I do?

If you have successfully established the connection between your mining rig and minerstat dashboard and the worker is mining, but shows nothing, then the problem is in the configuration. Follow the next steps and make sure you have put everything in order.

  1. Open worker's config - wrench icon.
  2. Check which client is set as default. If you are doing this for the first time, we suggest you select CLAYMORE-ETH for GPU rig (and ASIC for ASIC).
  3. Scroll down to find the config settings for this client.
  4. Make sure that the square beside the client's name there is green with a green tick (so checked).
  5. Make sure that the tags in the client's configuration are blue (and not red). If you are doing this for the first time, you will probably see that at last your (WALLET:ETH) is red.
  6. If any of the tags in the client you want to use is red, continue to Address editor.
  7. Define the missing pool tags (or edit existing to determine on which pool you will mine) and define the missing wallet tags (to determine to which pool you will mine).
  8. Save changes. This will restart your mining software and the configuration will be more correct.

If you would like to follow the tutorial with graphic material, you can check it out here.

If your worker still doesn't work, join us on Discord and we will help you out.

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My worker is mining but the coin is marked as NO, the reward is 0, and the speed on the pool is incorrect. What can I do?

This means that we haven't added your pool to the list of supported pools or we haven't calculated the reward for mining this coin yet. You can simply step in touch with us on Discord, let us know the pool, the port and which speed should be reported or which algorithm and coin you want to mine, and we will try to add support for it. Please note that even if we don't support this pool or coin yet, you can still mine on it - only statistics and estimated rewards will be wrong, while your actual reward on the pool should be correct.

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How is efficiency calculated?

Efficiency is the ratio between accepted and rejected shares. It is calculated by formula accepted/(accepted+rejected). It is important to strive towards 100%, as any lower number means lower stability and less profitability.

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What does undetected hardware mean?

If your hardware is undetected it means that your mining rig didn't manage to send out data to minerstat server about your hardware. This could be due to node crash or you didn't start mining yet.

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