On the mission to provide a robust yet flexible system for crypto mining operations of all sizes.

Cryptocurrency mining

Cryptocurrencies are being adopted in all areas of our lives and miners act as the backbone by making this possible. Miners must exist to validate the transactions and to generate new coins on every valid block solution.

We believe the upcoming years will be bright for the enterprise miners and businesses that are yet to enter this new market.

minerstat® is part of the story. Our goal is to make management of the crypto mining farms of any scale easy and at the same time maintain the flexibility of individual miners' needs.

For crypto mining managers

Crypto mining is hastily maturing from a non-competitive garage mining into a highly competitive business. Services such as rig building and maintenance, rig hosting, mining management, and crypto market analysis are just a few new market opportunities that crypto mining brought to the world. At this stage, your company requires highly skilled and specific workforce and also the right software that will put your company in a competitive position on the crypto market.

Running a crypto mining farm is a serious and expensive business - and certainly rewarding if it is done right. At minerstat, we focus on delivering just the right software and tools for your mining operation, your team, and your customers.

Our early days

Started in late 2016, minerstat is an enterprise-level SaaS platform and software for remote mining management.

There were crashes, long days of lost shares and broken pools, pitfalls, and errors. Uncertainty was something that we had to face constantly as the early adopters.

At the time, mining was still new, immature. Available mining clients were mostly in early-stage of development and without any sight of APIs or support, so creating such system was unimaginable. To make it work we had to monitor the log files, extract the data, and learn on the go.

We have gathered enough insights and knowledge to start pursuing our idea to develop the remote management dashboard.

The idea was to create a system that will work locally and with full capability of handling a wide range of mining clients. At the same time, to make a system that will not be exposed to the threats of the outside world. We have managed to achieve just that.

Starting December 2016, minerstat was the first publicly available system that used remote managing technique and kept the mining rigs secure and safe.

Now we are on a mission to keep delivering a secure, advanced, and reliable software for crypto mining management and monitoring.

Our beliefs

In the long-term plan, we see minerstat as a full mining ecosystem with support for a wide range of mining software, pools, and data to make mining managers' jobs easier and more efficient.


We deliver and everything is possible. We want to provide the best possible software.


When deciding on new features, the safety of your mining operation comes first.

Local network

We want to offer a perfect user experience for you, your customers, and your team.


We are open, approachable, and personal with our community. We listen.



Mailing address

minerstat OÜ
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Harju, Estonia