ASIC monitoring

Dedicated software for monitoring and managing of your ASIC machines.

Install ASIC Hub
SSH login to ASIC ( Username: root
Password: admin
cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh 4cc3s5k3y ASICid032 -------------------------------------
Remotely manage through your minerstat dashboard.
8 manufacturers
52+ ASICs
2000+ pools
249+ coins

Easy to set up

SSH login to your ASIC and install ASIC Hub with one single command line. Bulk installation is possible from Windows or Linux.


Remote access

Set up mining configuration, alerts, and other settings remotely from your minerstat dashboard.

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Complete solution

Monitor and manage your ASICs with a help of unique features, such as profit switch, control room, alerts, and more.

All features

Supported hardware

List of ASICs that are officially supported in the latest version of ASIC Hub. Braiins OS is also supported.

Support for other manufacturers and models

We can add support for other manufacturers and models per request and without any extra costs.
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