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Streamline your cryptocurrency mining operation with ASIC Hub - the industry-leading software for monitoring and managing your ASIC machines.

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Wide Compatibility

Our software supports a wide range of ASIC manufacturers, models, and firmware versions, including Braiins OS+. This means you can use ASIC Hub with virtually any ASIC you own.

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Remote Management

Set up your mining configuration, alerts, and other settings easily from your minerstat dashboard. You don't need to be physically present to manage your ASICs - ASIC Hub gives you complete remote access.

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All-In-One Solution

ASIC Hub offers unique features such as profit switching, control room, and alerts, along with standard monitoring and management tools. Our complete solution takes your ASIC mining operation to the next level.

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14 manufacturers
162+ ASICs
4000+ pools
225+ coins

Get started easily

Check our simple system requirements to get started with ASIC Hub right away.

Raspberrry Pi
→ Raspberry Pi 3 for up to 100 ASIC machines.
→ Raspbian Buster installed.
→ Raspberry Pi 4 for up to 1,000 ASIC machines.
→ Raspbian Buster installed.
→ For up to 100 ASIC machines you need dedicated machine with 2 core 64 bit CPU.
→ Ubuntu 18.04
→ curl, jq, dialog, and screen installed
→ For every 5,000 ASIC machines add 2 extra cores.
→ Ubuntu 18.04
→ curl, jq, dialog, and screen installed
Windows (virtual box)
→ For up to 100 ASIC machines you need virtual machine with 2 core 64 bit CPU.
→ For every 5,000 ASIC machines add 2 extra cores.

Boost your ASIC mining operation

Maximize your mining potential with minerstat's ASIC Hub and our list of officially supported ASICs.

Support for other manufacturers and models

We can add support for other manufacturers and models per request and without any extra costs.
Contact us at support@minerstat.com

Revolutionize your ASIC mining operation with ASIC Hub

Get the most out of your ASIC mining rigs with ASIC Hub's advanced monitoring and management software. Our intuitive platform allows you to easily monitor and optimize your mining performance, giving you a competitive edge in the industry.

Is ASIC Hub free?

Yes, you can use ASIC Hub for free with 1 worker. If you want to test it with more, contact us at support@minerstat.com and we will arrange a free testing period for a larger number of workers.

What monitoring and management features are available with ASIC Hub?

With ASIC Hub, you can monitor all data that is reported by your ASIC's API, including hashrate, board temperatures, chip temperatures, and fan speeds. You can also view efficiency, estimated income, and historical data, and take actions such as rebooting the machine, editing pools and wallets, profit switching, and more. Plus, take advantage of all the unique features provided on the minerstat dashboard.

Can I use ASIC Hub on ASICs with newer firmwares that don't support SSH access?

Yes! ASIC Hub must be installed on a computer that runs in your local network 24/7 and acts as a node between your ASICs and your minerstat dashboard.

Which coins and pools are supported?

We support mining of all coins for algorithms that are available for mining a certain algorithm. With over 300 coins and 400 multi-algo pool options, we also provide estimated earnings calculations. We support mining on all pools - our current database includes more than 2,000 different pools and more than 400 multi-algo pool options, including the most popular ones such as Slush Pool, BTC.com, Antpool, F2Pool, Poolin, Nanopool, NiceHash, and many more.

Is my data secure with ASIC Hub?

Yes, we use industry-standard encryption and security protocols to ensure that your data is secure and protected.

How long does it take to set up monitoring for a medium-sized farm with 1,000 ASICs?

Thanks to the software and tools we offer for bulk deployment, setting up monitoring for a farm with 1,000 ASICs wouldn't take more than 1 hour. If you need help with deploying and setting up your machines, we are always available to assist you.

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