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More info about this version:
- Linux: 18.04.4 LTS
- Kernel: 5.0.21-generic
- Driver: AMDGPU-PRO v20.30
- Driver: Nvidia v520.56.06
- Size: 7.1 GB
- Bootloader: Dual UEFI/LEGACY
- Supports: GTX, RTX, LHR, P10X, RX400/500, VII, Navi/5000 series
GTX, RTX, P10X, LHR, RX400/500, VII, NAVI/5000 (v1.4.10)

Includes stable drivers and kernels.

Vega, RX 6000 (v1.8.0)

Stable release with the latest drivers and kernels, dedicated for Vega and 6000 series.

OS: minerstat-OS 1.8.0
Host: TB250-BTC PRO
Kernel: 5.4.175-generic
Uptime: 12s
CPU: Intel Celeron G3930 (2) 2.9GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
Memory: 452MiB / 7903MiB
GPU driver: Nvidia 510.54
CPU usage: 13%
Local IP:
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Simple Setup

Quickly set up minerstat OS by downloading and flashing it onto a USB drive or SSD, booting your rig, and adding it to your minerstat dashboard using the Discovery button.

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Remote Management

Control your mining settings, overclocks, and more from anywhere using your minerstat dashboard.

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All-in-One Solution

minerstat OS offers a comprehensive suite of features for managing your rigs, including ClockTune, profit switching, control room, and more.

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75+ Nvidia & AMD GPUs
45 mining software
4000+ pools
348+ coins

System Requirements

Minimum and recommended system requirements for running minerstat OS:

1 GHz or faster, 2+ cores, 64-bit supported
1 GHz or faster, 2+ cores, 64-bit supported
16 GB USB 3.2 Gen2
Gigabit Ethernet or supported WiFi adapter
Gigabit Ethernet or supported WiFi adapter

Supported Hardware

Maximize your mining rig's performance with our Linux mining OS, compatible with a variety of GPUs:

Supported Mining Clients

Our mining OS is compatible with numerous mining clients, providing versatility and optimization for your setup:

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Use msOS for free with one worker. Simply sign up and unlock the full potential of our mining operating system.

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Supporting all pools, our database includes 2,000+ pools and 250+ multi-algo pool options, such as Ethermine, Nanopool, Mining Pool Hub, NiceHash, zpool, and more. Connect and start mining with msOS today.

Mine Any Coin

Mine any coin using available algorithms with supported mining clients. With over 250 coins and multi-algo pool options, we provide estimated earnings calculations and custom miner implementation for even more coins. Choose your coin and mine with msOS.

Flash msOS to Any Drive

Flash msOS to USB, SSD, or HDD drives. For USB, we recommend using a 16 GB USB 3.2 GEN2 for optimal speeds and responsiveness. Choose your drive and start using msOS today.

Custom Overclocking for Enhanced Mining

Customize overclocking parameters for Nvidia and AMD GPUs, maximizing your mining performance with msOS.

Quick and Easy msOS Setup

Get started in seconds with msOS (initial boot may take slightly longer). If your rig is not online within 5 minutes, try another USB port to clear cache. Start mining quickly and easily with msOS.

Scale Mining with Multiple GPUs

Supporting up to 16 GPUs per rig/worker. Note that more GPUs require longer boot and startup times. Enhance your mining power with multiple GPUs and msOS.

Optimize Mining with Advanced Tools

Utilize Ethpill, AMD Memory Tweak, and RXBOOST to optimize your mining experience with msOS.

Connect Anywhere with WiFi

Manage your rig and monitor mining performance from anywhere using WiFi, ensuring flexibility and accessibility with msOS.

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