How to prepare your Linux rig for mining?

To start mining with msOS you will need to prepare your rig for mining with Linux. In majority of cases, the boot will go smoothly, but there could be some issues that can be prevented by following this guide.

All GPUs in the rig must be listed under supported hardware. We don't support and advise against:

  • Mining in virtual environment on personal computer;
  • Mining on laptops and notebooks;
  • Mining in home networks without separated guest account on router;
  • Mining on shared or public networks;
  • Mining with mixed AMD and Nvidia GPUs.

Environment for mining

Follow these guidies to prepare your mining rig for efficient mining with Linux.


  • Suggested requirement: SSD of any size. SSD should be connected through SATA instead of USB.
  • Minimum requirement: 16GB USB 3.2.


  • Upgrade BIOS to the latest version to avoid BIOS related bugs.
  • Set PCIe to GEN 2 for all GPUs.
  • Boot type: UEFI  
  • Enable CSM support
  • Enable 4G decoding
  • Disable internal GPU

Hardware setup

  • If you are using monitor, make sure it is plugged to the first GPU.
  • If you are using only one GPU, make sure it is plugged into X16 slot on the motherboard.


  • If you are using ASUS router, disable two-way IPS and vulnerability protection.
  • If you are connecting via WiFi, make sure it doesn't have spaces or special characters in the name and that drivers are supported by Linux Ubuntu
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