minerstat features

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All important information and activity on the very first screen of the dashboard.

  • Market

    Price and market change for 6 coins of your choosing.

  • Mining

    List of crypto coins you are mining with information on hashrate, number of workers, number of hardware, and a quick summary.

  • Expected earnings

    Estimated daily, weekly, and monthly earnings based on your current mining tempo.

  • Diagnostic

    A diagnostic tool that lists all workers with undetected hardware, offline workers, and workers with high temperature.

  • Top coins by algorithms

    Display algorithms of your choosing to see which coin is at the top at any given moment.


Browse through your list of workers and have a total overview of your mining activity.

  • Actions

    View details, check worker’s statistics, configure miner’s settings, switch mining template, restart the software, reboot the machine, or delete the worker.

  • Bulk actions

    Select one or more workers and make bulk actions or updates.

  • Search

    Search your workers by name, coin, group, or IP.

  • Sort

    Sort your workers by name, hashing speed, max. temperature or max. fans, uptime, or by monthly expected earnings.

  • Notes

    If you need to remember any special detail about your worker, you can add a custom note to it.

Worker's profile

Each of your workers can be examined closely where you can check all the important details about its mining activity.

  • Overview

    Daily earnings, number, max temperature, max fans speed, and current efficiency of your mining hardware.

  • Connection

    Local and remote IP to connect to your rig or ASIC. Uptime and last sync information.

  • Real-time data

    Information on crypto, speed, efficiency, pool and estimated monthly earnings for the current mining activity.

  • Hashrates charts

    Hashing speed of each coin the worker has mined in monitored past.

  • Hardware

    List of hardware and information about temperature and fans speed along with temperature graph.

Control room

Organize your workers in the control room to visually fit your actual establishment.

  • Entry

    You can create as many rooms as you like. Before you enter the room, you will see how many workers are online and offline and what are their efficiency and minimum, average, and maximum temperature.

  • Room

    Inside the room, the workers can be organized one by one or in shelves. Each tile will show you what are the speeds and the temperatures of the workers placed there.

  • Heatmap

    Besides the extended view, you are also able to quickly switch to the compact view that works as a heat map.

Address editor

Keep all of your pools and wallets in one place.

  • Pools and wallets

    Address editor allows you to save all of your pools and wallets by custom tag names and access them in any of the mining settings on the dashboard.

  • Quick updates

    From now on, you will be able to change only the value of the tag and your pool address or wallet address will be automatically updated wherever you have used it.

  • Use everywhere

    You can use defined pools and wallets in workers' configurations, config templates, profit switch, and scheduler.


Optimize your mining with overclocking and undervolting tool for your AMD and Nvidia rigs.

  • ClockTune™ profiles

    Organize your overclocking and undervolting profiles.

  • All scenarios

    Set power limit, VDDC, VDDCi, MVDD, core clock, memory clock, and fan speed for your Nvidia and AMD rigs on Windows and msOS.

  • Use everywhere

    You can use overclocking profiles in workers' configurations, config templates, profit switch, and scheduler.


Edit configs for one or more workers for one or more settings at the time.

  • General

    Change groups, default mining software, enable CPU mining, and add pre-defined ClockTune profiles, and enable profit switch.

  • Clients' configuration

    Paste your custom configuration, load configuration from a config template or use a default option and only update tags. Each client includes a list of available algorithms and systems on which it is available.

  • Additional info

    Set electricity costs, power consumption, and number of GPUs in the rig to include this info on your dashboard.

  • Custom mining clients

    You can add your own custom mining clients that are either hosted publicly or privately.

Profit switch

Improve your mining activity with advanced profit switch function that can be fully customized.

  • Coins and multi-algo pools

    Select coins that you want to mine and assign them pools and wallets. Additionally, you can determine the pool's fee which will be included in the profitability calculation.

  • Customize the config

    Let us autoselect the mining client or choose your favorite mining client and set up your custom config.

  • Power consumption

    Set electricity costs and power consumption to include electricity costs to profitability calculation.

  • Custom criteria

    Set your own criteria when to switch, minimum mining time, and reward method.


Find the hashrates (and power consumptions) of your worker(s) on any available algorithm with any available client.

  • Benchmark overview

    Have an overview of the active and finished benchmarks and organize them with different functions.

  • Unlimited benchmarks

    You can create as many benchmarks as you like with custom settings and option to mine to your own config templates.

  • Real-time results

    The results on the benchmark's profile will be refreshed automatically. In the end, you will be able to export the results to mining calculator and import them to your profit switch. Each result can be removed from the benchmark, cleared, or you can re-benchmark the failed results.

Alerts & Notifications

You are able to set alerts and notifications for various events with different settings.

  • Hardware status

    Set alerts for high temperature, offline and/or online statutes, and ASIC notifications.

  • Mining performance

    Set alerts on hashrate and/or efficiency drops.

  • Channels

    Alerts can be sent by e-mail for free users, and by Telegram or as mobile notifications for paying users.


Take action automatically and immediately after an important event is detected.

  • Temperature control

    Take action when the temperature reaches a certain value: restart the client, reboot the machine, shut down the machine, or set new fan speed.

  • Mining performance

    Take action when hashrate and/or efficiency drop: restart the client, reboot the machine, or shut down the machine.


    Take action when your machine is not responding for a certain amount of time and connect minerstat with smart relays.

  • Earnings drop

    Restart profit switch when your earnings drop by a certain percent.

  • Time

    Take action at a certain time in the day: restart the client, reboot the machine, or shut down the machine.


Detailed historical data on your mining performance, coins, efficiency, and hardware temperature.

  • Global statistics

    See global profitability chart, coin profitability chart, top workers and estimated earnings in the last 6, 14, or 31 days.

  • Worker statistics

    See worker's profitability chart, top coins, temperature chart, efficiency chart, and worker's latest activity.

  • Data export

    The minerstat+ add-on allows you to export all data in JSON, SQL, or CSV format.

Balance monitoring

Track your actual balance and detected changes on your pools and wallets.

  • Wallets

    Monitor the balance on blockchain explorers or exchanges (such as Kraken, Coinbase, or Binance).

  • Pools

    Monitor the balance on your favorite pools.

  • Balance statistics

    The current amount of coins on addresses you are monitoring, daily pools and wallets balances and detected events on it.

Users management

There are two types of users you can add to your minerstat account.

  • Team members

    You can assign different roles to your team members: technical, accounting, and guests. Each of them has different privileges, control, and access to different parts of your minerstat data.

  • Customers

    You create entirely new account with the selected amount of workers and assign them to your customers. You are able to custom name their plans and expirations dates and either give them the access to the account or not.

24-hour log & Diagnostic

Historical and real-time troubleshooting tools.

  • 24-hour log

    Check all the important events that happened to your workers in the past 24 hours, including alerts, triggers, config changes, profit switch updates, and manual actions.

  • Diagnostic

    Diagnostic offers you a look into real-time problems that need to be solved, such as unset 2FA, offline workers, high temperatures and missing hardware data, or any other important issues that complicate your mining.


A scheduler is a tool that gives you an option to override all mining settings for a selected period of time in the day.

  • Easy setup

    Select workers you want to include in the scheduler, name your scheduler profile, select mining client, its configuration and overclocking profile, and set the time when you want to activate the scheduler profile.

  • Mining manager fee

    You can define multiple scheduler profiles to organize your mining activity or use it as an automatic mining manager's fee tool.

White label

Show customers their mining stats under your brand and domain - without a single line of code.

  • Public profile

    Each paying account (and its customers' accounts) can be opened to the public and shown in minerstat's brand colors.

  • Web builder

    Design public profile of your customers in your own colors with easy to use web builder. Bring your customers' public profiles further and show them on your own domain, with your own analytics, menu, and removed minerstat copyright.


Other useful tools & settings.

  • Market cap

    Check Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other top 500 coins on the market, their prices, volume, and 24h change.

  • AMD strap editor

    Advanced strap editor for AMD cards owners.

  • Login with mobile app

    More secure and fast login to your minerstat dashboard with QR code.

  • AMD Memory Tweak

    Change the STRAPS of your AMD rigs on the go.

  • API for developers

    Activate the private API and execute different commands from your own dashboard or software.

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