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Boost Mining Efficiency

Automate mining and minimize debugging and error handling time.

  • GPU Overclocking & Undervolting
  • Profit Switching
  • Software & Algorithm Benchmarking
  • Software Triggers & Hardware Watchdogs
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Effortlessly Monitor & Manage Mining Machines

Control all mining operations from a centralized dashboard.

  • Comprehensive Workers' Profiles
  • Control Room for Easy Management
  • Config Templates for Multiple Workers
  • Custom Alerts & Notifications
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Advanced Analytics & Statistics

Access historical and real-time mining data from a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Real-Time Dashboard Overview
  • Comprehensive Worker, Group, & Global Statistics
  • Detailed Diagnostic & CSV Data Export
  • 24-Hour Logs & Latest Activity
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Powerful Software for All Mining Needs

Supporting ASIC machines and GPU rigs with the right software.

  • Linux-based Mining OS
  • Windows Monitoring & Management Software
  • ASIC Monitoring & Management Software
  • Mobile Apps, Bots, & Other Tools
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Efficient Bulk & Farm Management

Designed for mining managers and hosting facilities.

  • Bulk Worker Management
  • Teams & Customer Management
  • White Labeling Option
  • Developer-Friendly API Integration
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