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Mining optimization

Use extensive set of tools to optimize your mining efficiency and time spent on debugging and errors catching.

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ClockTune is an advanced tool that for overclocking of your AMD and Nvidia GPUs on Windows and msOS. It also allows you to set up static fan speed or define automatic fan control.

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Create automatic and customized watchdog rules that will take different actions when different events occure. For example, reboot your machine if hashrate drops for 20% or set fans to 100% if temperature of GPU or ASIC board reaches 70°C.

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Benchmark your GPUs on different algorithms and different mining client to learn which mining client is the best for your system. Data can be exported to profit switch and mining calculator.

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Profit switch

Fully customized profit switching experience for GPUs and ASICs with support of hundreds of coins and multi pools (such as Luxor, Mining Pool Hub, Nanopool, and Zpool)

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Schedule your GPUs or ASICs to switch mining configuration or overclocking profile at a certain time of the day.


Beside built-in mining calculator, you will get access to other tools such as custom mining clients, AMD Memory Tweak, BIOS flasher, and that will help you to optimize your rigs on msOS and ASICs even further.

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