To ensure the brand is recognized on the web, video, and in the print, please follow the recommended usage style presented in this page. The material you find on this page can only be used in connection to minerstat®. The material is copyrighted by minerstat OÜ and it cannot be resold or reused for any other purposes or to create any alternative brands.


The brand name is written minerstat and all other alterations (such as but not limited to MinerStat, Minerstats, MinerStats, or Miner Stat) are incorrect.


When deciding which logo to use, please consider the background on which you will put the logo. Do not skew, translate, or switch the order of the elements in the logotype and/or typography and also do not use the logo and its elements to create any alternative brands. SVG and PNG formats are transparent, while JPG format has filled white or dark gray background.

Light background

Dark background #1

Dark background #2


Our main color is electric blue with light and dark gray combinations. The other colors that appear at minerstat are green, yellow, orange, and red.

RGB (87,103,255)
Light #1
RGB (248,249,252)
Light #2
RGB (226,229,239)
Dark #1
RGB (70,71,79)
Dark #2
RGB (87,94,113)
RGB (82,204,165)


The font used in minerstat's logo is custom-made currently available as a lower-case-only font. You can use the font for creating any minerstat-related graphics. The font cannot be used for any other purposes, not for personal and not for commercial projects.

The font we use on our website, software, and mobile apps is called Mukta Mahee and it is available in seven different weights at Google Fonts. For the purposes of displaying code, we use IBM Plex Mono, which also comes in seven different weights and it is available at Google Fonts.

Graphic material

All icons and graphics used on minerstat are custom-made to fit minerstat's needs. You can use this material and integrate it into graphics that are made for the purposes of presenting minerstat brand. You cannot use this graphic material for any other purposes, not for personal and not for commercial projects.