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Mining Monitoring and Management

Discover a comprehensive list of mining monitoring and management features, suitable for Linux or Windows rigs and ASICs.

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Workers' List

Monitor all your workers in a single list, filter them by different criteria, sort by live data, and perform various actions in bulk or for individual workers. The workers' list includes all your GPU rigs and ASIC machines.

Worker's Profile

Examine each worker in detail by visiting its profile. View system information, historical data, hardware analysis, diagnostics, events, and perform actions for specific workers.

Control Room

Organize your workers to match your actual setup in the control room. Create a heat map and get a quick overview of your entire mining operation on one screen.

Address Editor

Save all your favorite pools and wallet addresses under different tags with the address editor. Use tags in configurations, profit switch, and scheduler.

Worker Config

Choose from various mining clients, coins, and pools depending on your system and hardware type. Customize each worker with additional config values like temperature limits, number of GPUs or boards, and electricity costs.

Config Templates

Save advanced configurations as templates for easy access. Load config templates directly from the workers' list, worker's profile, or profit switching custom configurations.

Alerts & Notifications

Create custom alerts to receive notifications via email, Telegram, or mobile app. Stay informed about high temperatures or when a worker goes offline and comes back online.

Custom Mining Clients

For workers running on msOS, implement custom mining clients on your own or with the help of our fantastic community.

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