How to add a custom mining client?

We have recently introduced a new feature that allows you adding a custom mining client, which can also be a private mining client, to your msOS mining OS. You can have a whole list of your own custom mining clients and use them in worker's config section, config templates, scheduler, and profit switch.

Implementing your own mining client won't be an as easy task as just adding the mining client since you will need to prepare an API file. Some developing skills will be required of you. We will, however, try to illustrate the procedure of adding a custom mining client as clearly as possible.

There are three major steps when adding a new custom mining client.

  1. Prepare all necessary data for correct implementation.
  2. Add the mining client on the dashboard.
  3. Select a new mining client as a default mining client in a worker's config and edit the configs.

1. Prepare all necessary data

The package you will prepare should contain:

  • The mining client and all of its files.
  • Modified API file (you can find the template here).

Not having a complete package, can make mining client unable to sync with our system.

2. Add new custom mining client

You can find a list of all of your custom mining clients on the custom mining clients page. Click on the button to add a new mining client and enter all necessary information:

  • Name: Enter the name of your mining client that will be used on the dashboard. We allow you to enter uppercase characters, numbers and '-'.
  • Package URL: Enter the URL to your mining client. For maximum privacy, you can upload the client package to the server that is accessible only from your local area network or having whitelisted IPs of the rigs that can access the package.
  • Executable file name: That is the main file that the system will run. It is case sensitive so make sure it matches the mining client file that you have provided in the package.
  • Client config type: Some mining clients are reading configs from the external file (e.g.: CLAYMORE is reading from config.txt) and others will read the arguments directly on start (e.g.: CCMINER). Select the appropriate option that will suit your mining client. If you select "Config file", you will be able to enter the config file's name.
  • Client args/config: Provide a default config for the client. Config will be used across the dashboard but you will be able to change it individually for every worker and also in profit switch. We suggested that you fill the config with suitable tags from Address editor.
  • Extra args: Extra arguments are called on client run. You can use this field to specify API ports for example or some other important parameter for the client that you can't define in the client's config.

When you have entered all necessary information, click on the button "Save".

Hint: To update your client version you have to update the Package URL path. All workers will update automatically.

3. Edit the worker's config

Navigate to your worker's config page and select the mining client you have just added to your clients' list. All custom mining clients are denoted with blue color. Enter your configuration and save changes.

msOS will download the mining client from the URL you provided and prepare everything for your miner to start running under defined conditions.

You can also read a detailed tutorial on how to implement your own custom mining client on our Medium blog.

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