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Features for farms

Minerstat was designed with farms in mind providing you the best solution for mining managers and hosting facilities.

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Bulk management

There are several bulk actions that we offer, including bulk workers adding and importing, bulk configuration management, and bulk automation.

Team management

Add access to your dashboard to your team members and assign them different roles: accountant, technical, or guest.

Customers management

You can create separate accounts for your customers and assign them different number of workers. Customer will in this case has its own dashboard which you can share with them or not.

Public profile

Each account, including customers' accounts, can have a public profile with basic mining information that is accessible on a dedicated link.

White label

White label add-on offers you an option to completely customize your public profile, protect it with password, add links or Google Analytics to it, and show it on your own domain.

API for developers

For developers we offer different kinds of API access: public API for general real time and historical data, private API for management, and public coins API for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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