What is white label?

White label is a special type of licence that helps you represent the data from minerstat in your own colors and under your own conditions. You can learn more about what we offer on white label page or in our introductionary blog post.

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Who can benefit from white label?

White label was created for mining managers, mining collocation businesses, and cloud mining owners who have their own clients and want to share the actual mining data with them but still show it as a part of their own business and without letting them know that the software runs on minerstat.

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How to start with white label?

To start with white label you need an account at minerstat and at least 5 workers plan. The licence is available in the add-ons section here. This will open an access to the white label page where all of your clients are listed and you can set them white label URL, consumption, and fee individually. It will also open you access to our white label web builder.

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What is the difference between branding licence and enterprise licence?

Branding licence allows you to use web builder and design your profile in the colors of your company. It also assures you the help of our designer with advises or design of your profile. Enterprise licence offers all that and an option to run profile on your own domain, add custom menu that links to your website, add your own Google Analytics code, and remove the minerstat copyright at the bottom of the page.

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How does builder work?

Builder is a tool that allow you to fully customize your customer's profile. For now, it allows you to choose the layout, colors, fonts, the content you want to display, and set up the title, menu, and Google Analytics code. The tool can be used only by those that own white label licence (either branding licence or enterprise licence).

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Can I create links to my other pages?

If you own enterprise licence you can add up to 5 links that lead to any website you like. The title of links can be set by you.

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How to use white label on my domain?

To set up white label for your domain, you need to connect your domain with minerstat. You can do that by setting the CNAME. CNAME or canonical name points your domain or subdomain to minerstat domain name, allowing you to display the content that is hosted on minestat as it would be on your own domain.

  1. Usually domain/hosting provider offers a dashboard on which you can search for "DNS"-related settings.
  2. When you find it and add CNAME record and point it to "cloud.minerstat.com".
  3. After you are done, go to minerstat white label dashboard and add custom URLs to the customer's white label URL. Feel free to form the URLs as you wish to have them.
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How to set up Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is available under enterprise licence. You can find the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics by following these steps:

  1. Admin
  2. Tracking info
  3. Trackin Code

You can copy the Tracking ID to the builder and all of your customers will have your Google Analytics code set on the page.

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