White label

Learn more about our white label solution, how it works, what features does it offer, and which licences are available.

What is white label?

White label is a special type of licence that helps you represent the data from minerstat in your own colors and under your own conditions. You can learn more about what we offer on white label page or in our introductionary blog post. Read more →

How to start with white label?

To start with white label you will need an account at minerstat and a paying plan. Once your account is upgraded, you will get the access to the white label page where your main account and all of your clients are listed and you can set these accounts... Read more →

How does the builder work?

The builder is a tool that allows you to fully customize your customer's profile. It allows you to: Set custom title; Choose the layout of the website; Upload logo; Select font; Set colors; Apply border radius; Select the content... Read more →

Can I create links to my other pages?

You can add up to 5 links to your customer's public profile that can lead to any website you like. The title of links and the URL of the link can be set customly by you. Read more →

How to use white label on my domain?

Setting up on x.mining. Read more →

How to set up Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free tool for management and monitoring of website statistics. You must first find the Tracking ID of your Google Analytics by following these steps: Admin Tracking info Tracking Code You can copy the code unde... Read more →

What is number of owners?

A number of owners in a public profile section of settings will adjust the displayed values on the white label public profile: It will show total earnings from the account; It will also show a earning per owner (which equals total earnings div... Read more →

How to make public profile private?

To make your white label public profile private, you can set up password that will only show the data after the password is entered.You can set up profile passwords on your white label page in your minerstat dashboard. Read more →

How to give management rights to the customers?

Beside overall statistics information, you can also give different management rights to different accounts. If you decide to grant management rights, we strongly suggest to set up password protection for your public profile and thus make it private. Read more →

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