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Mining OS: There is no config.js file on freshly flashed USB

If you don't see config.js file on your newly flashed USB, then there was something wrong with the flash proccess. Possible solutions... Read more →

Mining OS: msOS doesn't boot

If msOS doesn't boot then there was something wrong with the initial process. Possible solutions:Check config.js and make sure that... Read more →

Mining OS: msOS booted but it doesn't mine

If msOS is successfully booted and running, but it is not mining the possible issues are only two: your worker's configs are broken... Read more →

Windows mining: Windows node is running but showing errors or mining client is crashing

There are different issues that can cause such behaviour. Windows node will show you where the problem might lies. Some possible... Read more →

ASIC monitoring: ASIC Hub was installed but worker is still offline

If worker doesn't come online after few minutes or after a reboot of the ASIC, there might be something wrong with the installation.... Read more →

Undetected hardware

If your hardware is undetected, there is something wrong with mining client's config. Open your worker's config and examine what you... Read more →

Coin is displayed as "NO"

If your coin is displayed as "NO" there might be two issues.In case the rig or ASIC is mining and showing "NO", you can contact us... Read more →

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