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There is no config.js file on freshly flashed USB

If config. Read more →

There is no drive letter on the flashed USB

Sometimes when you are flashing msOS to a larger USB or SSD, Windows won't automatically assign the letter to your freshly... Read more →

msOS doesn't boot

If msOS doesn't boot then there was something wrong with the initial process. Read more →

msOS booted but it doesn't mine

If msOS is successfully booted and running, but it is not mining the possible issues are only two: your worker's configs are... Read more →

How to make BIOSTAR motherboard to work on msOS?

If your BIOSTAR motherboard is causing you troubles when setting up msOS, please check if all of the following settings apply to your... Read more →

How to change the boot order

In this guide we will show you how to change the boot priority option in your BIOS. Read more →

How to restore your USB to its original state?

Sometimes flashing the USB won't work or you want to use an USB that had other Linux versions flashed on. Read more →

How to access msOS via SSH?

You can access your rig through web browser by opening the worker's profile and clicking on the local IP link or entering http://... Read more →

Windows node is showing errors or miner is crashing

There are different issues that can cause such behavior. Read more →

Windows Defender Exclusions

Sometimes it happens that Windows Defender adds mining clients as a false positive and prevents executing the files. Read more →

ASIC Hub was installed but worker is still offline

If a worker doesn't come online after few minutes or after a reboot of the ASIC, there might be something wrong with the... Read more →

ASIC Hub was installed but worker isn't mining

There can be a case when you install ASIC Hub on your ASIC and worker shows as online but mining "Unknown coin", the speed... Read more →

What are my ASIC's SSH credentials?

Each ASIC machine has its own SSH credentials. Read more →

Find Antminer IP address

In case you have an ASIC (either Antminer or any other brand) or more of them and you want an easy way to find its IP address, we... Read more →

Undetected hardware

If your hardware is undetected, there is something wrong with the mining client's config. Read more →

Coin is displayed as 'Unknown' or 'NO'

If your coin is displayed as 'NO' or 'Unknown' there might be two issues. Read more →

Connect error: Connection refused

An error Connect error: "Connection refused" is usually connected with the following reasons: No internet access;... Read more →

How to solve API bind error?

Sometimes mining client will show you an output such as: API bind error TCP API bind address already in use Bind failed... Read more →

Nvidia-settings: Couldn't connect to accessibility bus

If you run into an error saying that Nvidia-settings couldn't connect to the accessibility bus, it means that the driver had... Read more →

Unable to query number of CUDA devices

If you see an error "Unable to query number of CUDA devices" your drivers didn't detect any GPU in the system and... Read more →

Socket connection closed remotely by pool

There could be different reasons why your socket connection was closed by pool. Read more →

Kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory and no killable process

Kernel panic error that causes out of memory state and no killable process often happens to AMD GPUs that are used for mining... Read more →

What to do if auto-fans aren't working?

In case auto-fans aren't working or you have set up the fan triggers and you see that the trigger was sent but wasn't applied... Read more →

Benchmark: Failed (Missing hashrate)

When you are benchmarking your cards, it can happen that some mining clients won't report the speed. Read more →

Console: Pool error

When you see "Pool error" in your 24h logs or worker's latest activity, this can describe different issues connected to... Read more →

Console: Authorization error

If you see the "Authorization error" on your 24h logs or worker's latest activity, this means that the pool has... Read more →

Console: Config error

The "Config error" can be found in 24h logs and worker's latest activity when the configuration of the mining client is... Read more →

Console: Mining client error

The "Mining client error" that is shown in your 24h logs or worker's latest activity indicates that the error is... Read more →

Console: GPU error

When you see a "GPU error" on your 24h logs or worker's latest activity there is a trouble with detecting information... Read more →

Console: Driver error

If you see "Driver error" in your 24h logs or worker's latest activity, the error means that there are issues with the... Read more →

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