Diagnostic: Uptime

The uptime is available under the statistics tab in the diagnostic and is calculated from your global statistics data. This means that it is calculated as the ratio between data points when your rig was detected as online and the total sum of data points available in one day. Each data point is saved every 10 minutes. The offline states within two data points with online states aren't detected.

You can improve your uptime by making sure your rigs or ASIC machines are running efficiently and not completely on the edge. This includes:

  • Finding ClockTune values that provide optimized mining, but don't cause instability;
  • Setting up smart triggers which will save you from different mining interruptions;
  • Regular maintenance of your mining equipment;
  • Keeping the temperature in the mining room at normal levels;
  • Making sure the internet connection runs stable.

In some cases, such as power or network outage, you, unfortunately, cannot do much.

For most network outage events the minerstat software will ensure that software keeps running and re-establish itself once the connection is back, but for the power outage, you will need to use smart plugs or hardware watchdogs.

You can turn the machines back on with IFTTT service and smart applications, which can be connected to minerstat by a webhook trigger or simple e-mail notification.

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