Diagnostic: Summary - Mining issues

A mining issue audit is part of a real-time summary section and available under the summary tab in the diagnostic. It shows the number of workers with a specific issue: missing hashrate (or hashrate speed 0 H/s) and low efficiency (efficiency smaller than 98%). The more mining issues you have in regard to the total number of workers, the lower the grade.

You can improve the mining issues grade by reducing the number of issues.

Missing hashrate

If the hashrate is missing, this means that your worker(s) aren't mining - the hashrate is 0 H/s.

  • Re-check if your GPU or ASIC is supported (Windows support / msOS support / ASIC support).
  • Re-check if the mining client's config is correctly defined.
  • Re-check if the pool is correctly defined.
  • Re-check if you are correctly identified in the pool.
  • Re-check your overclocking settings and if necessary remove ClockTune profile to see if these settings are causing the troubles.
  • Switch to another mining client to see if you are having issues only with one mining client.

Low efficiency

  • Switch to another port on the same pool to improve efficiency.
  • Switch to another pool to improve efficiency.
  • Re-check your overclocking settings in case you are getting rejected shares because of too intense overclocking.

You can read more about efficiency here.

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