Diagnostic: Summary - Status

The status audit is part of a real-time summary section and available under the summary tab in the diagnostic. It shows the number of workers with specific status: online, offline, and idle. Online workers are those that are online and the mining client is working for them (even if with the hashrate 0 H/s). Offline workers are those that are not syncing and not sending data to the minerstat dashboard. Idle workers are those that are online, but the mining client isn't working/mining. The more workers with problematic status (idle or offline) you have, the lower the grade.

You can improve the status grade by reducing the number of issues. If workers are offline or idle on purpose, you can ignore this grade. However, if they went offline or idle because of any hardware or mining issue, you will need to find the reason why. A lot of useful information can be found in the worker's activity log (bell icon on the worker's profile or last 24h logs). Also, examine your configuration and overclocking settings as these can also cause an offline or idle state.

  • Remove the ClockTune profile and reboot the rig. If the rig boots normally, then your workers probably went offline because of the driver crash because of too intense overclocking. Update the ClockTune profile with less intense values before applying it again.
  • Use a simple config editor to set up mining on your selected coin.
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