Console: GPU error

When you see a "GPU error" on your 24h logs or worker's latest activity there is a trouble with detecting information connected to your GPU - in some cases, you will also be able to see which GPUs are the problematic ones.

We suggest to double check if all devices are properly connected and detected and to re-check your overclocking settings and adjust them to make your GPUs more stable.

There are different groups of GPU errors that appear in the console and while they are all facing the same issues they report different events.

Not enough memory, failed to allocate memory - VRAM, BUFFER, or DAG

  • If you are using Claymore, switch to some other mining client as Claymore is outdated at this point.
  • If you have 3GB or 4GB GPUs and you are getting this error while mining ETC or RVN, you will need to switch to some other coin as DAG size already exceeded the space you have available in the memory. See DAG calculator to learn more about DAG size.
  • If your GPUs have enough RAM and you are getting this error, you can check your overclocking settings as too intense or missing overclocking settings can be the reason for this error as well.

Unresponsive GPUs

To fix this error, we recommend you to check out overclocking settings and adjust them to make your GPUs more stable.

Temperature limit reached

You can try to fix this error by setting proper temprature triggers or auto-fan control in your overclocking settings.

OpenCL or CUDA crash and/or other unknown errors

One case when this error can appear is if you are using AMD GPUs but you have added worker as Nvidia on the minerstat dashboard or vice-versa. If this is the case, open the workers list, click the pencil icon near the incorrectly added worker and adjust the type of it to the correct one.

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