Console: Authorization error

If you see the "Authorization error" on your 24h logs or worker's latest activity, this means that the pool has rejected your login info.

Possible reasons for rejection:

  • Pool rejected your login due to invalid wallet address or username;
  • Pool is unable to accept your method or algorithm (unsupported mining client or algorithm);
  • Pool is refusing access to their pool due to banned IP or geo restrictions;
  • Pool didn't respond in desired time (it timed out) so client disconnected you from the pool;
  • Pool rejected your login due to invalid password or difficulty provided by the config or mining client;
  • Pool is returning invalid response due to bad client configuration (either config or algorithm);
  • Pool is unable to authenticate due to temporary problems on their pool.

On some pools you are allowed to mine anonymously by defining the pool stratum address and your wallet address, while on some other pools (such as Mining Pool Hub or Suprnova) you must identify with your username. You can also read more about Invalid user provided error here.

Tip: If the pool is using a username, you can still add it under the wallets tags in the address editor. Instead of saving the wallet address save the username under the tag with appropriate name. For example, save your Mining Pool Hub username under the  (WALLET:MPH) tag.

How to fix?

To fix this error, please visit the pool's official website and see what kind of authorization is required, how to define configs, and how to use the pool. Pools usually have examples on what ports, stratums protocols, algorithms, and wallet parameters must be used.

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