Console: Config error

The "Config error" can be found in 24h logs and worker's latest activity when the configuration of the mining client is incorrect. This can happen for a lot of different reasons as every mining client uses their own parameter structure and denotion. Some of the more popular cases when this happens are:

  • Wrong algorithm parameter;
  • Wrong pool;
  • Wrong wallet;
  • Wrong general parameter(s);
  • Unexisting parameter(s);
  • Missing required parameter(s) (such as pool, worker, or wallet/user);
  • Broken JSON for the mining clients that use such structure.

You can solve this by editing the worker's config.

  • If you don't know what could be wrong, click on "Reset to default" to get a working config and then only edit pools and wallets tags. Start adding or changing other parameters when the config is working.
  • You can also use simple configuration and only click on coin, pool, wallet, and enter the password and the system will generate config for you. When you save changes and refresh page, you can see which advanced configuration was generated through your settings.
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