Console: Pool error

When you see "Pool error" in your 24h logs or worker's latest activity, this can describe different issues connected to the pool, your network, or your connection with the pool.

The most common issues connected to this console error are:

  • Connecting to the pool: It could be that mining client restarted (due to profit switch, trigger, or any manual action you made) and your rig hasn't connected to the pool yet, but we detected the error anyway. If this is the case, the number of times this error occured will be small.
  • Wrong stratum address or port: It could be that there are different ports reserved for different mining setups, geographic location, coins, algorithm, or more. Make sure to check if you have enetered correct stratum address with correct port.
  • Pool issues: It could be that pool is having issues at the moment and you cannot connect to it. As this depends entirely on the pool, you will need to check their website and official channels to learn more about what the issue could be. You can also use our pool status checker to see if we are also having troubles pinging the pool. Also note that some pools require different identification methods - on some you can identify with wallet address and on others you need to register and use username as identification. Double check if you are using correct configuration for mining on selected pool. To test it even further, you can try to set up mining on another pool and in this way check if the issues are actually on the pool's side.
  • Network issues: It could be that you have troubles connecting to the pool as there are troubles in your network. Again, you can use pool status checker to see if we are also having the troubles pinging the pool.

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