Console: Mining client error

The "Mining client error" that is shown in your 24h logs or worker's latest activity indicates that the error is connected to the mining client. The most common situtation when this error appears is when the mining client is using an API port that is already in use by this same mining client or some other. This can happen because mining clients aren't closing the ports correctly or port is used by another service. In most cases, the error will fix itself in a few minutes, when the API port will be released and again free to use. If you want to fix it before, you can try restarting your mining client or rebooting the rig.

Because the port is unavailable, msOS won't be able to fetch real-time data from the mining client even though the mining client is mining normally and works as expected.

The error can be displayed in many different forms, depending on the mining client you are using. Some more popular messages are connected to:

  • Failed to bind socket;
  • Unable to start on specific port;
  • Address is already in use.

If after a while this issue doesn't disappear, you can try to flash msOS to a faster USB (USB 3.0 of at least 16GB) or SSD.

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