Invalid user provided

If you are getting errors like Invalid user provided or Invalid wallet provided you are not mining to correct wallet address.

You will need to recheck your worker's config. Navigate to your worker's config by clicking on the wrench icon.

Missing wallet tag

You didn't select any wallet in your worker's config.

Simple config

minerstat - Invalid user provided - Simple config

Click on the "Select wallet" field and select correct wallet or add new wallet on the go.

Advanced config

minerstat - Invalid user provided - Advanced config

Click on the red tag and select correct wallet or add new wallet on the go.

Wallet from incorrect coin

If you mine ETH on ETH pool, you need to use ETH wallet. You can't use BTC on ETH pool if pool doesn't allow this. Such config is incorrect:

minerstat - Invalid user provided - Incorrect wallet

Incorrect wallet

  • If you are mining ETH, make sure your wallet address starts with 0x and that your pool supports your wallet address.
  • Check if pool maybe requires username instead of wallet address and this is why you can't connect.
  • Make sure you didn't mixed up tag's name and tag's address and accidentally put wallet's address to the tag's name instead of tag's address.
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