Diagnostic: Summary - Temperature

The temperature audit is part of a real-time summary section and available under the summary tab in the diagnostic. It shows the number of workers with a specific issue: workers with at least one GPU or board over the hot limit and workers with at least one GPU or board over the very hot limit.

The hot and very hot limits are defined in the worker's config and set at 75°C and 89°C if not defined in the worker's config. You can customized the levels for each worker separately to determine what is hot and what is very hot level for your worker.

The more workers with temperatures over the limits you have, the lower the grade.

You can improve the temperature grade by reducing the number of issues. This includes the following fixes:

  • Improve your mining environment and airflow.
  • Increase auto fan values or set static fans with higher speed.
  • Improve your ClockTune settings.
  • Adjust the temperature levels in the worker's config to fit your GPUs' or boards' normal temperatures.
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