What is mining efficiency?

Mining efficiency is the ratio between accepted and rejected shares. You can calculate it by formula accepted/(accepted+rejected). It is important to strive towards 100% efficiency, as any lower number means lower stability and less profitability.

Note The mining client will always start mining wih 0% efficiency until the number of shares are calculated and displayed (0 accepted and 0 rejected = 0% efficiency). Depending on the number of GPUs and GPUs power it will take few syncs for real efficiency to show.

You can find efficiency and number of accepted and rejected shares on the workers' list and on your worker's profile summary and mining table.

Mining efficiency

If your efficiency is lower than 98%, we suggest you check your overclocking settings and/or the pool you use for mining. To find the pool with lowest latency and possibility for better efficiency, we suggest to use our software Sonar. Do note that even the pools with lowest possible latency can have low efficiency for your setup, so it is important to select a pool which will allow you mining with full efficiency.

Historical chart of efficiency is available for each worker in worker statistics.

In some cases efficiency might become problematic after a while of mining (for example, for older ASICs). For such cases, you can set up a trigger that will restart your mining client (GPU rigs) or reboot your machine (ASICs) when the efficiency drops below 90%.

Efficiency triggers