Coin is displayed as 'Unknown' or 'NO'

Coin can be displayed as 'NO' or 'Unknown' in two cases.

A) We didn't add support for it yet

In case your worker shows "NO" under the coin's name, but it is mining normally and you can see the pool on which the coin is being mined, contact us and let us know which coin should be displayed. We will add support for it and you will see the correct coin within few minutes.

Undefined coins

B) There is something wrong with config

In case the mining rig is not mining and you see "NO" under the coin's name, there is something wrong with the mining configuration.

Undefined coins - wrong config

Possible solutions:

  • Check if your hardware is supported. If it is not, you won't be able to use minerstat.
  • Check if you are using too intense ClockTune settings. If yes, adjust them - you can find reference values on our hardware profile pages accessible from here.
  • Check if your configuration is correct.

You can find the reason for your mining client not starting properly in the latest activity log.

Undefined coins - latest activity

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