Diagnostic: Efficiency drop triggers

The efficiency drop triggers audit is available under the activity tab in the diagnostic and shows the current grade from the data obtained yesterday and a small historical chart for the performance of the last week. The grade is determined depending on how many efficiency drops triggers were fired. The more triggers per worker, the lower the grade.


Triggers are the most important mechanism that is keeping your mining operation in good health. However, firing too many triggers just isn't efficient.

Efficiency is a ratio between accepted and total (accepted + rejected) shares. The lower it is, the less you will earn from mining. For example, if your mining efficiency is 50%, it doesn't matter if you mine with full hashrate - you will lose 50% of submitted shares. This is the reason why we recommend having efficiency at a minimum of 98%.

Efficiency drops are compared through the worker's statistics data and checked every 10 minutes. The trigger will get fired if the efficiency drops for the selected percentage. You can do several different actions for the efficiency drop trigger: restart mining client, reboot the machine, shut down the machine, stop mining, start mining, and call a webhook.

Getting too many efficiency drop alerts means that your efficiency is frequently rising and falling on the selected limit. This could be due to unstable overclocking settings or troubles at the pool's side. If your overclocking settings are stable, then try changing the pool to see if this solves the issues. You can find a pool with the lowest latency with our Sonar software.

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