Diagnostic: Earnings drop triggers

The earnings drop triggers audit is available under the activity tab in the diagnostic and shows the current grade from the data obtained yesterday and a small historical chart for the performance of the last week. The grade is determined depending on how many earnings drops triggers were fired. The more triggers per worker, the lower the grade.


Triggers are the most important mechanism that is keeping your mining operation in good health. However, firing too many triggers just isn't efficient.

The main purpose of the earnings drop trigger is catching the profitability spikes in the profit switch. Sometimes, some coins have a spike in price or a sudden drop in difficulty, which causes their estimated reward to increase and in the next moment decrease. Similar can also happen on multi-pools and marketplaces, which are reporting their estimated rewards through API. Some of these spikes can be solved with the "ignore outliers" method in the profit switch, but if such spikes are frequent, the spike isn't considered as an outlier anymore, but the regular distribution of the data. That's why it is good to set an earnings drop trigger, which will escape such spikes regardless of the reward method chosen in the profit switch.

If you are getting too many earnings drop triggers, examine the coins you have in the profit switch and reconsider your options.

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