Diagnostic: Temperature triggers

The temperature triggers audit is available under the activity tab in the diagnostic and shows the current grade from the data obtained yesterday and a small historical chart for the performance of the last week. The grade is determined depending on how many temperature triggers were fired. The more triggers per worker, the lower the grade.


Triggers are the most important mechanism that is keeping your mining operation in good health. However, firing too many triggers just isn't efficient. Both, restart mining client and reboot mining machine triggers take some time to re-establish the system - the first less than the second - which is time lost in mining. If there are too many triggers being fired, it is good to examine the reasons why it keeps coming to that trigger.

Temperature triggers get fired once a certain temperature is detected. You can do several different actions: restarting mining client, rebooting the machine, shutting down the machine, stop mining, start mining, set up fans, and call a webhook.

If the temperature trigger gets fired too frequently, consider if the temperature level you set is too low. If you have set a fan curve with the triggers, make sure that there aren't too many of them and try to keep only 3 or 4 of them. For msOS rigs you can set up auto fans in the ClockTune.

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