Getting started

Get familiar with mining and minerstat's mining management and monitoring services.

What is minerstat?

Minerstat is a mining monitoring and management platform that offers you different monitoring options and software for any mining device. Minerstat is appropriate for both small mining operations and farms as it offers all necessary software and featu... Read more →

What is worker?

Worker is a term that denotes a mining machine that will be monitored and managed through your minerstat dashboard. Each worker is a slot on your minerstat dashbaord to which you will be able to connect your mining machine. Read more →

How can I start?

For mining with minerstat: You need to own a mining hardware: GPU rig or ASIC machine; You need to know which coin you want to mine; You need to own a wallet address that you will use for mining on a pool you select. Minerstat supports ... Read more →

Where can I get a wallet for mining with minerstat?

Minerstat is a monitoring and management software and does not provide pool or wallet services. To get a wallet, you will need to use one of the many wallet providers or exchanges where you can get your own address. Read more →

Where can I find pool address?

In this article we'll be going over how to find a complete pool stratum address in order to add it to your address editor and then select it in the miner options in the worker's config. How to find mining pool? We'll be using ETC as ... Read more →

When do I get paid?

You will get paid once you reach the minimum payout threshold on the pool you are mining to. Pool pays you to the wallet address you use for mining, so make sure that you are using your own wallet address and correct one. Read more →

Balance monitoring

Balance monitoring was a feature that was discontinued in 2021. How to see how much I have mined? You can see how much you have mined so far on the pool's official website. Read more →

Which mining management software is available?

Mining rigs and ASICs can be remotely managed from your minerstat dashboard. This is allowed by our mining management software that communicates with the minerstat dashboard through API. Read more →

Which mining monitoring software is available?

You can monitor your workers remotely from your web dashboard or mobile app.Web dashboardYour web dashboard is available from my. Read more →

Which monitoring and management options are available?

With minerstat you will be able to monitor and manage your workers (each of them can be a rig with up to 16 GPUs or one ASIC machine) and their status: Mining algorithms, coins, and hashrate; Accepted shares, rejected shares, and efficiency; The tempe... Read more →

Which mining hardware is supported?

minerstat software supports all modern Nvidia and AMD GPUs and different ASIC manufacturers and models.Do note that not all hardware is supported for both msOS and Windows as full support also depends on mining clients support and drivers support. Read more →

Which miners are available?

minerstat software supports different mining clients on Linux based mining OS and Windows mining software.Mining OS%MINERS_MSOS%Complete listWindows mining%MINERS_WINDOWS%Complete listIf you want us to add support for any other mining client, let us k... Read more →

Which coins are supported?

minerstat supports all popular coins for algorithms that are supported by the mining clients. Along with the coins, we also support popular multi-algo pools, such as: Mining Pool Hub Zpool Zergpool BlockMasters Mining Dutch NLPOOL NiceHash A Hash Pool... Read more →

Do you support mixed cards rigs?

No, we don't support mixed AMD and Nvidia rigs - you can mix different models of the same brand, but not different brands. In some cases, the mixed rig will be displayed on the dashboard and mine normally, but please note that in such cases the... Read more →

Do you support hardware watchdogs?

Yes, on our dedicated mining OS we support hardware watchdogs, which will reboot your rig in different critical situations that can be solved with a reboot, but the reboot command cannot be sent from the minerstat dashboard as the machine is not synci... Read more →

How is minerstat different than other mining software?

Minerstat provides one unified dashboard for GPU rigs and ASIC miners. All hardware can be monitored and managed remotely, from the responsive web dashboard that works on any device or monitored through the mobile app that is available for iOS and And... Read more →

Does minerstat offer cloud mining or hashing power rental services?

No, minerstat doesn't offer a service of cloud mining or hashing power rental services. We do, however, support mining through such services, for example: NiceHash Mining Rig Rentals Hashtap by zpoolNiceHashNiceHash is hashing power marketplace wh... Read more →

Does minerstat offer a pool?

You can find all details regarding minerstat pool service on website. Read more →

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