Getting started

Get familiar with your minerstat dashboard and its usage.

What is minerstat?

minerstat is a mining monitoring and management platform that offers you different monitoring options and software for any mining... Read more →

Which mining management software is available?

Mining rigs and ASICs can be remotely managed from your minerstat dashboard. Read more →

Which mining monitoring software is available?

You can monitor your workers remotely from your web dashboard or mobile app. Read more →

Which monitoring and management options are available?

With minerstat you will be able to monitor and manage your workers (each of them can be a rig with up to 16 GPUs or one ASIC machine... Read more →

Which mining hardware is supported?

minerstat software supports all modern Nvidia and AMD GPUs and different ASIC manufacturers and models. Read more →

Which miners are available?

minerstat software supports different mining clients on Linux based mining OS and Windows mining software. Read more →

Which coins are supported?

minerstat supports all popular coins for algorithms that are supported by the mining clients. Read more →

Do you support mixed cards rigs?

No, we officially don't support mixed rigs - you can mix different models of the same brand, but not different brands. Read more →

How can I start?

Everyone with at least one mining rig or one ASIC machine can start and set up minerstat by registering a new account. Read more →

Where can I get access key?

You will get your access key once you register a new account. Read more →

CPU mining

While minerstat supports CPU mining by running a different independent CPU client, we don't support CPU-only mining. Read more →

GPU mining

minerstat supports GPU mining on Windows or by using independent Linux based mining OS called msOS. Read more →

Linux mining

While Linux is gaining popularity in the mining world, there is still a lot of miners that prefer using Windows solutions over Linux... Read more →

Windows mining

Looking at different trends graphs, one can clearly see that Windows mining was always a little bit more popular than Linux mining. Read more →

Dual mining

Direct dual mining Dual mining was quite popular in 2017 as you could mine Ethereum and a lot of different coins at the same time. Read more →

Merged mining

While dual mining uses some hashing power to mine ETH and one second, dual coin, the merged mining mines at two blockchains with the... Read more →

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