Where can I get a wallet for mining with minerstat?

Minerstat is a monitoring and management software and does not provide pool or wallet services.

To get a wallet, you will need to use one of the many wallet providers or exchanges where you can get your own address.

If you are already registered with any of the wallet provider or exchange, you can check if they offer the wallet address of the coin you want to mine. Coins and pools official websites usually also give suggestions on where to get a wallet address. Here are just few examples. Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these providers and don't vouch for their services.

Note You need to use a public address - public key. Never enter the private address anywhere as the private address is only for your eyes, while public address can be used as an address for mining or getting coins. You can also use our wallet address validator to check if the syntax of address is incorrect.

Hardware wallets

Wallet providers


Please note that minerstat will use the settings you set up in your worker's config, so you will need to check what kind of identification the pool requires. Usually, if you are mining to an ETC pool, you need to use ETC wallet. In rare cases you need to use a username, and in even more rare cases the pool allows you to enter BTC wallet and get paid in BTC. So make sure to set up correct pool and correct wallet option when you are setting up your worker.

Can I change wallet address at any time?

Keep in mind that changing wallet address means you will identify on the pool as a different user. Balance on the old wallet won't be automatically transferred to the new wallet, but will wait for you until you reach minimum payout threshold with that wallet address.

It is suggested to change the wallet after you are eligible for payout so you don't lose funds on the old the address.

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