What is minerstat?

minerstat is a mining monitoring and management platform that offers you different monitoring options and software for any mining device. It is free to use for up to two GPU rigs or ASICs. minerstat is appropriate for both small mining operations and farms as it offers all necessary software and features that any individual needs. minerstat is not a cloud mining company or intermediary - this means that you will mine on the pool(s) you have selected and the pool will pay you the coins you mined there.

GPU mining

You can use Linux based mining OS and/or Windows mining software for your AMD and Nvidia rigs. msOS supports more than 35 different GPUs and more than 35 different mining clients for mining on more than 70 algorithms.

ASIC mining and monitoring

For ASIC monitoring we offer ASIC Hub that is installed directly on your ASIC and communicates with the dashboard directly. You can use ASIC Hub on more than 35 different models of 5 different ASIC manufacturers: Antminer, Innosilicon, Baikal, Dayun, and Spondoolies.


The minerstat dashboard offers you many different features, such as:

  • General monitoring and overview of your workers;
  • Worker's details page;
  • Historical charts for hashrates, temperature, efficiency, general profitability, per worker profitability, per coin profitability, and balance monitoring;
  • Control room to organize workers to fit their actual establishment and can be used as a heat map;
  • 24h logs for all workers;
  • A diagnostic tool to show you the improvements of your mining operation;
  • Address editor to save your pools and wallets in one place;
  • ClockTune to overclock and undervolt your AMD and Nvidia GPUs;
  • Worker's config page that allows you to change groups of the worker, change mining clients, add electricity costs for the worker, and more;
  • Profit switch with advanced settings that allow you to switch between coins and multi-algo pools;
  • Alerts for individual worker or groups of workers and adjustable settings;
  • Triggers for individual worker or groups of workers and adjustable settings;
  • Benchmark tool that allows you a simple and quick benchmark and advanced benchmark to your own pools and wallets;
  • Scheduler to schedule your mining operation or use it as a manager's fee controller;
  • Config templates when you want to switch between different options really fast (directly from the workers' list page);
  • Balance monitoring for your favorite pools and wallets;
  • Market cap with price, 24h volume and 24h change for top more than 1,000 coins;
  • Mining calculator for more than 400 coins and multi-algo pools;
  • List of more than 400 coins and multi-algo pools;
  • AMD strap editor;
  • Users management that helps you organize your team and customers;
  • An option to create a public profile;
  • White label solution to brand the public profile or to bring it to your own domain.

minerstat was established in January 2017 and renewed in July 2018.

Getting started