Where can I find pool address?

In this article we'll be going over how to find a complete pool stratum address in order to add it to your address editor and then select it in the miner options in the worker's config.

How to find mining pool?

We'll be using ETH as our example but the process is the same with other coins as well.

Note This section assumes you're looking for a pool address for a specific coin. If you'd like to quickly set filters for pools, or view the coins mineable on the specific pool, etc., you can use the Pools page.

To start from absolute scratch, we need to know which coin we're planning to add a stratum address for.

  1. Open the minerstat coins page.
  2. From here, we can use the suggested popular options, or use the search. Let's say, we opened ETH.
  3. Click the Pools tab on top the page.
  4. Now we need to find the pool we'd like to use. For some coins, only a few options are listed, for others - there's a lot to choose from. If you need help choosing, you can use this guide on choosing a pool.
  5. Finding the pool we want to mine on, click onto it's name.
  6. From there, the page for the pool will open. Let's say, we opened Ezil.
  7. At the bottom-left of the page, locate the pool website button. In our case, Ezil website.

The next steps will differ from pool to pool but we'll provide some examples below. The idea is to find a guide that explains how to start mining the coin we're looking for on the specific pool and copy the address closest to our location from there.


Use the non-SSL (Often called TCP or Stratum) ports and addresses for easiest setup. If you want to use SSL connections additional steps are necessary.


For Ezil, we need to press Start mining and select Minerstat to open the detailed guide with pool addresses. Alternatively, we can press all available ports, then find the location and coin combination, and use the main or backup addresses.

Ethermine (Flypool, etc.)

For Ethermine and other pools like Flypool, press Start mining on top-right of the page, then find the necessary location and select the port. The port should be added to the address in the address editor, and a : symbol is used between server address and port. For example: asia2.ethermine.org:14444


For 2Miners, scroll the page down a bit and click onto the coin you're interested in a pool for. Then click Quick Start and on the opened page copy the address from the Server column — use the one with the location closest to you if multiple are available. For example: eth.2miners.com:2020


For F2Pool, scroll the page down to find the supported coins. Enter the coin ticker (short name) into the lookup bar on the right and click onto the result. Then copy the address from under the Mining Address header. If presented with multiple addresses, you can use any. For example: eth.f2pool.com:6688


For Nanopool, click Overview under the coin you're interested in a pool for. Scroll the opened page a bit, then find the necessary location and select the Stratum port. The port should be added to the address in the address editor, and a : symbol is used between server address and port. For example: eth-eu1.nanopool.org:9999


For Suprnova, find the coin you're interested in a pool for and click Start mining next to it. If presented with multiple addresses, select the one that applies most to your case — closest location, VaryDiff / GPU / ASIC, etc. For example: rvn.suprnova.cc:8888

Import partner pools

For the minerstat partner pools found on the Partners page you can use the Download (JSON) button to save all the pool addresses for a given partner. After saving the file, navigate to the Address editor - Pools section and press the import button on top right. Select the saved file and upload it. All the pools will be loaded and useable as the regular added ones.

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