Do you support hardware watchdogs?

Yes, on our dedicated mining OS we support hardware watchdogs, which will reboot your rig in different critical situations that can be solved with a reboot, but the reboot command cannot be sent from the minerstat dashboard as the machine is not syncing with it anymore. Such situations can happen:

  • On total system crash with frozen screen;
  • On kernel panic;
  • If the machine is not mining, the agent reboots it, but if there is no syncing, the watchdog will reboot the machine.

We currently support the following hardware:

  • ANPIX USB WatchDog 5131:2007;
  • domybest USB Watchdog 1a86:7523;
  • ALLOYSEED USB Watchdog 0471:2379;
  • Open-dev USB Watchdogs.

A model number can be validated with lsusb command.

If you own a watchdog that isn’t on the list of supported hardware, you can get in touch with us and we will add support for it.

How to know if watchdog works?

The LED indicator on your watchdog should be green. You can also test it with command watchdog-reboot. - A new hashrate proxy service by minerstat

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