Which monitoring and management options are available?

With minerstat you will be able to monitor and manage your workers (each of them can be a rig with up to 16 GPUs or one ASIC machine) and their status:

  • Mining algorithms, coins, and hashrate;
  • Accepted shares, rejected shares, and efficiency;
  • The temperature of each unit;
  • Fan speeds of each unit;
  • Watt consumption on msOS;
  • Worker's uptime and last sync;
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly earnings;
  • Reboot the machine, shut down the machine, and restart the software remotely;
  • Detailed global statistics and statistics by each worker and each coin;
  • Alerts and notifications when the worker has a certain temperature, when the worker went offline, when the worker came back online, and when hashrate or efficiency dropped;
  • Triggers that get fired when the worker has a certain temperature, when the time is of a certain value, when the worker is unresponsive, and when the hashrate or efficiency dropped;
  • Advanced profit switch function that will mine the coin that is most profitable for you (considering your electricity costs, hashrates, coins you want to mine, and the reward and mining criteria you have set);
  • Advanced overclocking profiling;
  • And more.
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