Account management & billing

All you need to know about the free account, upgrading, extending, and billing.

Does minerstat charge any fees?

The minerstat software is open-source and free to use. Read more →

How long can I use the free account?

You can use the free account for as long as you want. Read more →

What are the limitations of the free plan?

The free plan is available only for two workers and it doesn't offer the following features: Telegram alerts; Mobile... Read more →

Will I have to pay the full price for the upgrade?

No - when you decide to upgrade your plan, we will take into consideration your current plan and how much time is left until it... Read more →

Are there any discounts available?

If you decide to subscribe for more than one month, we offer the following discounts: 10% for 3 months plan 15% for 6 months... Read more →

Can I get an official invoice for my mining business?

Yes, the official invoice is always available from the billing page on your minerstat dashboard - either you are a business or... Read more →

Will I lose my data if I don't extend my plan?

Yes. Read more →

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund - instead of that, we do offer an option to try minerstat for free for up to 2 workers. Read more →

Can I add multiple users that can access my workers?

Yes, you can add multiple users with different permissions and roles that can access different parts of your dashboard. Read more →

What are permissions for different roles?

There are four different kinds of permissions and roles available:Account owner: with access to every part of the account. Read more →

Can I resell my workers?

Yes, you can resell any number of workers. Read more →

What is the difference between team members and customers?

When you add a new team member you give them the permissions to access different parts of your account. Read more →

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