Account management & billing

All you need to know about limited account, upgrading, extending, and billing.

Where can I get access key?

You will get your access key once you register a new account. The access key is used to login to the minerstat dashboard and you will need to use it to identify your account in any of the minerstat software. Read more →

What is support ID and where can I find it?

Support ID is a unique identifier that gets generated specifically for your account every hour. It is a code that you can share with minerstat support staff so we will be able to identify your account and help you with the troubleshooting. Read more →

How to place your first order on minerstat?

Minerstat is mining monitoring and management software for rigs you already own. Before you are able to place an order on minerstat, you need to do two things: You need to confirm your e-mail address. Read more →

What is minerstat+ add-on?

minerstat+ is an add-on to your account that you can use alongside your regular plan. With minerstat+ you will get the following add-ons. Read more →

When will my order be processed?

It can take up to few minutes for order to be processed and your account upgraded. Whole process is automatic and you will be notified about it via your e-mail. Read more →

Will I have to pay the full price for the upgrade?

No - when you decide to upgrade your plan, we will take into consideration your current plan and how much time is left until it expires. You will get an upgrade discount for the unspent time. Read more →

Are there any discounts available?

If you decide to subscribe for more than one month, we offer the following discounts: 10% for 3 months plan 15% for 6 months plan 20% for 1-year plan Occasionally, there will be special discounts and promotional offers available on your... Read more →

Can I get an official invoice for my mining business?

Yes, the official invoice is available for all of our customers from the billing page on your minerstat dashboard - either you are a business or consumer.When you are placing your order and want to buy as a company, don't forget to enter the infor... Read more →

Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund - instead of that, we do offer an option to try minerstat for free with 5 workers (which includes white label) for the period of 21 days. Read more →

What to do if your CoinGate order expires?

There are three main reasons why crypto orders can get expired by CoinGate: Order was paid after the time of the invoice already expired. CoinGate only gives you around 20 minutes to pay for the order and for order to get confirmed on the blockc... Read more →


Minerstat Credits (msc) is innovative cashback reward system powered by the services that are giving part of their fees back to the mining community. For now you can use msc towards discount for your minerstat subscription or transfer credits to anoth... Read more →

Outage compensation

Paying accounts can automatically receive outage compensation for the minerstat subscription in form of minerstat credits for their workers or their customers' workers were offline. You can find your credits account here. Read more →

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend program allows you to get from 8% to 13% RevShare in form of minerstat Credits every time your referred friend completes an order on minerstat. RevShare is eligible for all friends you referred to minerstat dashboard after 7th Oc... Read more →

Does minerstat charge any fees?

The minerstat dashboard is free to test for 5 workers for 21 days. After that, you can enter a paying plan where the fixed price per worker per month is 2 USD, calculated to EUR under the most recent USD/EUR exchange rate. Read more →

Will I lose my data if I don't extend my plan?

Yes, if you have missed the expiration date of your plan, your account will be downgraded to a Limited plan and you won't be able to monitor your workers anymore. After few days grace period, the data will be deleted without an option for recovery... Read more →

Account security settings

Account security settings can be found in the submenu of your Settings page. It consist of three major sections: 2FA, IP confirmation, and minerstat Guard. Read more →

How can I activate 2FA?

Two Factor Authentication allows you to secure your user account. Setting up a 2FA is highly encouraged. Read more →

IP confirmation

One of the security features enabled by default for your minerstat account is IP confirmation. This feature restricts your access to the account until you verify the IP account using a link in the e-mail message sent to you. Read more →

What is minerstat Guard?

The minerstat Guard is a security system that doesn’t allow you to login to your account until you enter a password. By default your account is set to Dynamic code which is send to your e-mail address, but there is also an option of setting a St... Read more →

Why am I being logged out so frequently?

If you are being logged out frequently, this is because we have limited the number of active sessions you can have with your account.Paying accounts can have 5 active sessions per account, while Limited accounts can have 3 active sessions. Read more →

How to change e-mail?

You can change your e-mail in the Account part of your settings. There are two different scenarios. Read more →

How to change access key?

You can change your access key in the Account part of your settings. Once you click on the [Change access key] button, your account will get assigned new access key and old one will become invalid. Read more →

What is 'Login to dashboard' in the mobile app?

"Login to dashboard" is a new QR code login system. It allows you to use your mobile application (where you are already logged in) for quick login to the web dashboard on your browser by only scanning the QR code. Read more →

Do you offer a referral?

We don't offer a classic referral program, but we do reward our users when they introduce minerstat to a friend that becomes a paying user. You can read more about Refer a Friend program here. Read more →

How to delete account at minerstat?

Active paying accounts or accounts that are on free trial can't delete their accounts until their active subscription or trial expires. You can delete minerstat account by navigating to Settings and selecting Delete account. Read more →

What to do if my account gets deleted?

All Limited inactive accounts get deleted after 2 months of inactivity on web dashboard. The action is made by the system and is irreversible. Read more →

Account doesn't exist

If you want to login and you get an error "Account doesn't exist" this can be because of two reasons: You mistyped your access key Your account was deleted You mistyped your access key Double check if you are entering cor... Read more →

Access forbidden - Your IP / Account is blocked

If you are getting Access forbidden Your IP / Account is blocked error when visiting minerstat website or dashboard, your account or IP were blocked for one of the following reasons: The IP you use has bad score on Cloudflare; Your account or ... Read more →

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