Does minerstat charge any fees?

Minerstat is free for up to two workers/rigs. After that, you can enter a paying plan where the price differs from 1.6 USD to 2 USD per worker/rig calculated to EUR under the most recent USD/EUR exchange rate.

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How long can I use the free account?

You can use the free account for as long as you want. It will never expire. We will, however, delete all free accounts that were inactive for 2 months.

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What are the limitations of the free plan?

The free plan is available only for two workers/rigs and it doesn't offer the following features:

  • Telegram alerting
  • Mobile alerting
  • Event triggers
  • Scheduler
  • Control room
  • Multi-user access
  • Customer management

The free plan is also limited to data:

  • Data refresh every 30 minutes (instead of every 10 minutes as offered for paying customers and minerstat+ customers)
  • Data is saved for up to 6 days (instead of 14 as offered for paying customers or 60 days as offered for minerstat+ customers)
  • Balance monitoring is available only for 2 pools and 2 wallets (instead of 5 pools and 5 wallets as offered for paying customers or unlimited pools and unlimited wallets as offered for minerstat+ customers)
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Where can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account here.

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Will I have to pay the full price for the upgrade?

No. When you decide to upgrade your plan, we will take into the consideration your current plan and how much time is left until it expires. You will get a discount for the unspent time.

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Are there any discounts available?

If you decide to subscribe for more than one month, we offer the following discounts:

  • 10% for 3 months plan
  • 15% for 6 months plan
  • 20% for 1-year plan

Occasionally there will be special discounts and promotional offers that you will receive to your mailbox.

We also offer a discount for those that want to upgrade or extend their plan. The discount is determined dynamically in regard to how many days are left until your plan expires. The same discount applies for the minerstat+ add-on.

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What about dev fees in mining software?

Minerstat doesn't contain any additional fees beyond paying plans for having more than two workers. There are a few 3rd party mining clients that automatically deduct a small fee during use. For example:

  • Claymore-dual (1% in solo, 2% in dual)
  • claymore-xmr (2%)
  • claymore-zec (1%)
  • Gateless Gate Sharp (1%)
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Can I get an official invoice for my mining business?

Yes, you can get an official invoice for your company. You can print the invoice from your billing dashboard.

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Will I lose my data if I don't extend my plan?

Yes. If you have missed the expiration date of your plan, your account will be downgraded to free plan and you will be able to monitor only 2 of your workers/rigs. Old data won't be available again and new data will be saved only for the period available in the free plan.

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Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund. Instead of that, we do offer an option to try minerstat for free for up to 2 workers.

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Can I add multiple users that can access my workers?

Yes, you can add multiple users with different permissions and roles here. This option isn't available for the free plan.

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What are permissions for different roles?

There are four different kinds of permissions and roles available:

  • Account owner: with access to every part of the account.
  • Technical: with access to every part of the account except billing and invoices.
  • Accounting: with access to billing, invoices, dashboard, and statistics.
  • Guest: with access to workers list and statistics.

Please note that there can be only one admin of the account and unlimited users with other permissions. Get link

Can I resell my workers?

Yes, you can resell any number of workers. You are able to add your customers here. Assigning workers to customers will deduct the number of free available workers in your account. This option isn't available for the free plan.

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What is the difference between team members and customers?

When you add a new team member you give them the permissions to access different parts of your account. When you add a new customer you also add them a certain amount of workers they can manage (or you can manage for them). the customer account is similar to newly register account but without an option to upgrade the account. You can quickly switch between your account and your customers' accounts by clicking the account avatar in the top right corner. On the other hand, the customer cannot access your account or any other of your customers' accounts.

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