Minerstat Credits (msc) is innovative cashback reward system powered by the pools and services that are giving part of their fees back to the mining community. For now you can use msc towards discount for your minerstat subscription or transfer credits to another minerstat user.

minerstat credits - msc

Where can I find the credits?

You can find credits on the minerstat Credits page that is available under sub-menu Finance. If you aren't registered yet, you can register here.

On the left side, you can find the list of pools and services participating in the program and on the right side, you can find the current amount of credits and list of the past events.

How can I use the credits?

It is important to note:

  • Credits have no value outside minerstat.
  • Credits cannot be withdrawn/converted to fiat money or cryptocurrency/token.
  • Credits will be reset to zero after 45 days of the last deposit or if account gets deleted. You can't get credits from deleted account back. Keep in mind that system deletes all inactive free accounts automatically after 2 months of inactivity.

Order minerstat services

You can use the credits directly on the billing page, similar as you use the coupon. Enter the amount of credits you want to use under order summary and the appropriate discount will be applied. 1 msc equals 1 EUR. You can use all of your credits at once or divide them through different orders. Your msc will get spent automatically if your order value is 0 EUR or as soon as you place the order.

Send credits to other minerstat users

You can send the credits to any minerstat user that provides you their support ID. Keep in mind that support ID expired every full hour.

Pools participating is a switching pool on which you can mine ETH or ETC and occasionally switch to ZIL mining to get extra ZIL rewards.

  • Reward method: PPS for ETH, PPLNS for ETC, and PPLNS for ZIL
  • Minimum payout: 0.05 ETH, 30 ZIL
  • Fee: 1%
  • Fee cashback: 50%

All you need to do it is connect to via minerstat and you will start earning the credits.


Outage compensation

For every full-hour that your workers are not mining, minerstat will automatically compensate your account with minerstat Credits.

All you need to do is to be a paying customer and to have workers added to your dashboard and you will start earning the credits when workers are offline.

Note Were you looking for information about when you get paid? Read this help article.
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