What to do if your CoinGate order expires?

There are three main reasons why crypto orders can get expired by CoinGate:

  1. Order was paid after the time of the invoice already expired. CoinGate only gives you around 20 minutes to pay for the order and for order to get confirmed on the blockchain. If you pay from exchange, the time of payment is when exchange confirms your payment, not when you initiate it.
  2. Order was underpaid.
  3. Order was not confirmed because of insufficient amount of fees.

No matter what is the reason that CoinGate marked the order as expired, expired status means that the money was never sent from CoinGate to minerstat - it is held by CoinGate. You can request a refund for your CoinGate order in case you (1) didn't pay the invoice in time or if (2) the order was underpaid. In some cases, CoinGate will confirm your order if this is your wish.

How to step in touch with CoinGate?

If you have provided the e-mail upon making an order, then CoinGate might have already contacted you. Check if you have received any e-mails from them.

If not, you can step in touch with them by following next steps.

  1. Navigate to Billing page
  2. Find your CoinGate order under Unconfirmed CoinGate orders
  3. Click on the button saying Check order status

minerstat - CoinGate orders

This will redirect you to CoinGate's website where you can find all the details about your order. If your order was underpaid, paid after invoice expired, or had insufficient amount of fees, you will be able to solve the refund form.

Note You can also contact CoinGate through the same form if your order was overpaid and you want to get the refund for the amount you overpaid.

We suggest you don't place any new orders after you file form for refund on CoinGate as CoinGate might confirm your order.

To step in touch with CoinGate directly regarding your order, please use this contact form.

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