Do you offer refunds?

No, we don't offer a refund - instead of that, we do offer an option to try minerstat for free for up to 2 workers. A free plan with 2 workers allows you to test the platform and limits you only with:

  • Multi-user access;
  • Customer management;
  • Public profile option;
  • Event triggers;
  • Control room;
  • Scheduler;
  • Mobile and Telegram notifications;
  • 6 days historical data;
  • Data saved every 30 minutes;
  • Balance monitoring for 2 wallets and 2 pools.

You can use all other functions, such as alerts to e-mail, profit switch, overclocking, worker management, statistics, address editor with unlimited pools and wallets, etc.

For larger mining operation we can also arrange you a free testing period of a paying account or white label for the period of 10 days.