What is minerstat+ add-on?

minerstat+ is an add-on to your account that you can use alongside your regular plan. With minerstat+ you will get the following add-ons.


With minerstat+ you will get access to all custom themes (hint: Hacker theme is the most popular one). You can change and test themes in Settings.

minerstat - Themes

Data export

With minerstat+ you will get CSV, JSON, and SQL export options of various different historical data, which is available under Statistics > Export data.

Longer historical charts

With minerstat+ you will get historical data for 60 days instead of 14 days (as available in paying accounts).

Additional important details

  • minerstat+ add-on is priced per account, so the price will stay the same no matter how many workers you have bought. The price is 5 EUR per month. Same duration and upgrade discounts apply to minerstat+ as to account upgrades.
  • minerstat+ add-on will get applied to your team members and customers as well.
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