When will my order be processed?

It can take up to few minutes for order to be processed and your account upgraded. Whole process is automatic and you will be notified about it via your e-mail. If you think your order was missed, you can step in touch with us at support@minerstat.com

Payments on minerstat are made through one of three payments processors:

  • Fiat money: We use Paddle for regular fiat money payments with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, Mada, iDEAL;
  • Cryptocurrency - Fast checkout: We use GoCrypto for crypto payments from Binance Pay, Bitcoin.com wallet, and Elly wallet.
  • Cryptocurrency - Pay from any wallet: We use CoinGate for crypto payments from any wallet.

Fiat money

Orders paid with fiat money can be made only for orders with summary larger than 5 EUR. If you have smaller number of workers, you can get to this balance by selecting longer duration (which also gives you additional duration discount). Orders paid with PayPal or credit cards get confirmed almost instantly.

Cryptocurrency - Fast checkout

Orders paid with GoCrypto that goes through one of the linked wallets (Binance Pay, Bitcoin.com wallet, or Elly wallet) are confirmed almost instantly after you pay with low fees.

Cryptocurrency - Pay from any wallet

When you place a crypto payment through our crypto precessor CoinGate make sure that:

  • Transaction is confirmed within 20 minutes (if you are paying from an exchange, the time is still the same - so if your exchange takes few minutes to prepare your transaction, your order can expire);
  • You include sufficient amount of fees for transaction to be confirmed (if your invoice is underpaid, the order can expire).

Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, your account will get upgraded and you will get an e-mail about account upgrade.

If you have sent your payment after it already expired or you have entered a fee that is not sufficient for the payment to be processed, you will be refunded by the crypto processor. If this doesn't happen automatically (one example when this wouldn't happen automatically is when you are sending money from an exchange and you enter low fee or pay after the order already expired), you will need to contact crypto processor and follow their procedure. You can also write to us to help you with instructions.

The whole payment process is automatic and we cannot manually interfere with it.

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