What is minerstat Guard?

The minerstat Guard is a security system that doesn’t allow you to login to your account until you enter a password. By default your account is set to Dynamic code which is send to your e-mail address, but there is also an option of setting a Static code which is always the same.

Dynamic minerstat Guard

The password is generated upon login try and is valid only for 10 minutes. If you enter a wrong password upon login you can’t re-use the same password.

What to do if I entered wrong password on minerstat Guard page?

You can try logging in again, wait three or four minutes to get the last e-mail from us (so you don’t accidentally enter the old password) and enter the password from the very last minerstat Guard e-mail you received.

Static minerstat Guard

The password can be set in your Account security settings once you are logged in.

If you forgot your static minerstat Guard code, send us a message to support@minerstat.com - we will switch your account to dynamic code and you change your settings again once you are logged in.

Can I disable minerstat Guard?

Currently, disabling minerstat Guard is not possible, but you can set up static pass code defined by you in your Account security settings.

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