Socket connection closed remotely by pool

There could be different reasons why your socket connection was closed by pool. We will list the most common ones.

You are having problems with your connection


  • If you have correct ports opened on the router;
  • If your internet is working as it should;
  • If it works by connecting directly with the internet cable instead of WiFi;
  • If your router isn't blocking the pool you are using;
  • If your ISP (firewall) isn't blocking the pool you are using.

You are connecting to the wrong pool


  • If the port you are connecting to is correct;
  • If you mistyped the pool's stratum address;
  • If the pool is down for everyone or only for you;
  • If your mining client requires special parameter in the configuration that manages the pool connection (e.g., -esm parameter in Claymore ETH miner);
  • If your configuration is correct (you entered correct algorithm parameter).


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