How to solve API bind error?

Sometimes mining client will show you an output such as:

  • API bind error
  • TCP API bind address already in use
  • Bind failed with error
  • Port is busy
  • Port already in use
  • Failed to bind to port

These errors occur when the previous mining client didn't properly exit and didn't close the port that API was using or if antivirus is blocking the API port. For that reason, the mining client can't use that same port.


Our mining OS will detect such issues and fix them, but in case it fails, killing the process or rebooting the rig is required.


If you get this error on Windows Node, then it is also possible that your antivirus / firewall / Windows Defender is blocking the connection. Do the following:

  • Close Windows Node application;
  • Whitelist minerstat folder or disable antivirus / firewall / Windows Defender;
  • Delete daemon.exe;
  • Run minerstat.exe agin.

This will redownload all important files that might got removed or blocked by antivirus or firewall. - A new hashrate proxy service by minerstat

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