How to start with white label?

To start with white label you will need an account at minerstat and a paying plan. Once your account is upgraded, you will get the access to the white label page where your main account and all of your clients are listed and you can set these accounts different settings:

  • Public profile URL;
  • White label mask URL (if Enterprise licence);
  • Electricity costs;
  • Fee;
  • Number of customers;
  • Password;
  • Management rights, which can be: Load from config template, Custom config, Restart mining software, Reboot mining machine, Shut down mining machine, Start / Stop mining.

White label customers

White label builder

You will also get you access to our white label web builder. White label builder allows you to customize your white label profile and use colors and logo that fit your business. We also offer full support from our designer who can set up the template for you so it will fit your logo and your brand colors.

White label builder

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