How to give management rights to the customers?

Beside overall statistics information, you can also give different management rights to different accounts. If you decide to grant management rights, we strongly suggest to set up password protection for your public profile and thus make it private.

White label customers' management rights

You can grant the following management rights:

  • Load from config template: Customers will be able to load the config templates you defined in their minerstat dashboard. This can be useful when your customer wants to switch between different coins. You can now define different config templates for them, taking into account different overclocking profiles, and your customer will be able to switch between them without having control over the config itself and the overclocking settings.
  • Custom config: Customers will be able to select any mining client that is officially supported for their system and type and edit its configs as they want. They won't be able to use tags that are defined in the address editor, but they will be able to edit the raw config file.
  • Restart mining software: Customers will have access to restart mining client remotely.
  • Reboot mining machine: Customers will have access to reboot mining machine remotely.
  • Shut down mining machine: Customers will have access to shut down the mining machine remotely.
  • Start / Stop mining: Customers will have the ability to stop or start mining.
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