How to create public profile?

If you want to show your profile publicly, we have created an easy option that is available in your Settings. By clicking a button "Make public", we will generate you a unique URL at which you can access your public profile. For more safety, the unique identifier in URL isn't connected to your access key. If you don't want your profile to be public anymore, you can just click on the button "Disable" and you are back to private mode. If you wish to change the unique identifier in URL, you can click "Disable" and again "Make public" and we will assign you a brand new identifier. Those that were accessing your public profile through the old URL won't know the new URL.

Before you set up your public profile, we recommend you to active your 2FA.

Hint: If you are managing clients' or investor's mining rigs, you can create different customer profiles and save their workers there. If you don't want to give them the access to the dashboard or if they only want quickly check their status, you can make their profiles public and they can access it at any time from anywhere without having to log in to the dashboard.