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Data analytics and statistics

Have a complete overview of your historical and live data and enhance your mining operation with extra knowledge.

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With quick dashboard overview you will see the recent prices of different cryptocurrencies, your global hashrate, coins you mine, and pools, and top coins by different algorithms.


With global, group, and worker statistics you will be able to monitor your overall performance better and faster.

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Diagnostic tool will tell you in which areas your performance is critical and which areas need improvements. This will not only improve your mining operation but account as a whole.

24h logs

24h logs will list all events that you are subscribed to in the past 24 hours for all workers. You will be able to filter them by different categories and examine each worker separately.

Data export

By owning minerstat+ add-on you will be able to export different data from your dashboard in different formats: SQL, CSV, and JSON.

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