What is diagnostic audit?

A diagnostic audit report is a quick system check that you can perform on your msOS rigs. A diagnostic report will be generated automatically first time you encounter an error, but you can re-generate it at any time. Besides general overview, there will also be suggestions on problematic sections.

You can access the report from the workers tab in diagnostic page or from the worker's profile by clicking on the diagnostic button.

The report consists of different sections.


  • Download speed: The speed of your rig’s download capability
  • Upload speed: The speed of your rig’s upload capability
  • Latency: The time your rig needed to ping minerstat server
  • IPv4: Can your rig resolve default IPv4?
  • Net type: What is your net type?

Diagnostic audit - Network


  • Drive space: Free and total space
  • Disk read/write: The speed of your drive
  • Swap: Dedicated memory on the disk (cached, free, and total)

Diagnostic audit - Drive


  • Memory: Total and free memory
  • PCIe: PCI Express Architecture
  • iGPU: Integrated (Intel HD)

Diagnostic audit - Hardware


  • CPU usage: CPU(s) status (user, nice, system, I/O wait, steal, idle)
  • I/O: Read, write, TPS

Diagnostic audit - CPU

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