Install ASIC Hub

Follow the steps explained below to install ASIC Hub on your ASIC.

ASIC Hub Installation

SSH login to your ASIC

To set up the ASIC Hub you will need to have a secure shell (SSH) access to your ASIC. To establish a SSH access you will need a special software that allows it - one such free software for Windows is PuTTY. For other systems, you can use Termius.

When you download SSH client, connect to the local IP address of your ASIC (you can use the default port 22). SSH client will ask you for your SSH username and password. When you enter them, you will be successfully logined to your ASIC through SSH.

Please note that SSH login is not the same as web login, so if you didn't change your credentials, try using the default options.

Antminer root/admin
Innosilicon root/innot1t2
Dayun root/envision
Baikal admin/root
Spondoolies root/root
HyperBit root/bwcon
Login to minerstat dashboard

Login to your minerstat dashboard or register new account and add new worker to your dashboard.

Enter your IP address and SSH username and password. You need to enter exact values that allowed you successul SSH login through SSH client in the first step.

If you already added worker and you are not sure if you have entered correct IP and SSH credentials, you can go to workers list and click edit button (pencil icon).

Install ASIC Hub

To install ASIC Hub on your Antminer, Innosilicon, Dayun, or HyperBit ASIC, you need to enter the following command to SSH client.

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh ACCESS_KEY WORKER_NAME

For Baikal ASIC use the following commands.

sudo su

cd /tmp && wget -O && chmod 777 *.sh && sh ACCESS_KEY WORKER_NAME

For Spondoolies ASIC use the following command.

cd /tmp && curl --insecure -H 'Cache-Control: no-cache' -O -s && chmod 777 *.sh && sh ACCESS_KEY WORKER_NAME

ACCESS_KEY needs to be replaced with your minerstat's access key. You can find it by hovering your mouse over your avatar in the top right corner on your minerstat dashboard. WORKER_NAME needs to be replaced with the name of your worker, which you have created in the second step. Please be careful when entering both values as they are case sensitive.

When you press enter, the script for loading ASIC Hub to your ASIC will run and after it has successfully finished you will see the output DONE.

Within a few minutes, you should see your ASIC online, the configuration will be loaded from the ASIC to the minerstat dashboard and your worker will be successfully mining. If this is not the case, you can try rebooting your ASIC. If the ASIC is still not connected after that, we suggest you check your firmware and make sure that you are using official firmware on your ASIC. After you have upgraded the firmware, you will need to repeat the procedure.

Mine & Monitor

When you have successfully set up ASIC Hub, you can customize your monitoring up to your wishes. You can:

  • remotely manage your workers,
  • set up profit switch,
  • monitor profitability and earnings,
  • and much more.
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Bulk install

If you want to install ASIC Hub on multiple ASICs at once, please follow the instructions provided on GitHub: