Install ASIC Hub

Follow the steps explained below to install ASIC Hub for your ASIC.

ASIC Hub Installation

ASIC Hub is installed on a separate Linux, Mac, or Raspberry Pi computer and acts like a server - receiving and sending data between ASICs and minerstat dashboard.

If you want to use ASIC Hub on Windows computer, you can install a virtual machine that runs on Ubuntu.

For Raspberry Pi, please use Raspbian Buster.

Login to minerstat dashboard

Login to your minerstat dashboard or register new account and add new worker to your dashboard.

Enter ASIC's IP address and username and password for ASIC's official web dashboard.

If you already added worker and you are not sure if you have entered correct IP and credentials, you can go to workers list and click edit button (pencil icon).

Install ASIC Hub

Login to your server over SSH or open Terminal to run the installation wizard script.

Linux/Raspberry Pi

wget -O - | bash


curl -L -s | bash -s

The wizard will lead you through different steps where you will need to enter your access key, ASIC group for monitoring, and the type of firmware you are using. The wizard will install all dependencies and crontabs you need for monitoring.

If you want to add additional crontabs for different groups, you can run the wizard as many times you like or just manually edit the crontabs. You can read more about how to manually set up more crontabs from the crontab file on our GitHub.

Mine & Monitor

When you have successfully set up ASIC Hub, you can customize your monitoring up to your wishes. You can:

  • remotely manage your workers,
  • set up profit switch,
  • monitor profitability and earnings,
  • and much more.
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